American Boat Bill of Sale

American Boat Bill of Sale

According to the Vessel Documentation Center’s online system, requesting an ABC (American Boat Bill of Sale) is straightforward. Most importantly, there are no fees, and the whole procedure takes only a few minutes. Those who have previously had insurance may be surprised to learn that their policy coverage is immediately transferred when they get an ABC. Obtaining an American Boat Bill of Sale (ABS) is an important step for anybody who owns a vessel that has been certified by the United States Coast Guard.

Several steps in the procedure may be difficult and time-consuming, so it’s critical to work with a firm that can give you prompt and efficient assistance. The Vessel Documentation Center has extensive expertise dealing with the ABCs of boat ownership and will guide you through the whole procedure. You may be wondering why Vessel Documentation Center is the best choice for your boat bill of sale needs. Here are the reasons:

We Have Over 25 Years of Experience Providing Boat Documentation Services Nationwide

When searching for a firm to supply you with the vessel paperwork you want, it is important to examine whether or not the company has the expertise and credentials to give you the same level of service as bigger, more reputable organizations. With over 25 years of expertise, Vessel Paperwork Center has primarily focused on serving individuals around the United States with all of their vessel documentation requirements. This means that when you come to our vessel doc center to receive your American boat bill of sale, you will be receiving exactly what you need from a firm that has been able to thrive in the specialized market of small-to-medium-sized boats for more than 25 years. Providing excellent customer service is our primary goal! But don’t just take my word for it; see our Google evaluations as evidence.

We’re Experts in USCG Regulations and Procedures

According to, the regulators from the United States Coast Guard (USCG) are quite difficult to understand. A major factor in this is the prevalence of criminal activities like drug trafficking, human trafficking, and piracy in the United States. To combat this, the rules are significantly stricter than those that apply to automobiles and other forms of motorized transportation. Applying for your Boat Bill of Sale is tough would be an understatement; it demands in-depth knowledge of maritime law.

Because we’ve worked with the USCG for so long, the Vessel Documentation Center can guide you through the application process and help you avoid mistakes that might lead to problems down the road. Law, safety, and maritime expertise are all represented among our team members. You can rely on us to go the additional mile to ensure that our clients receive a service that fits their individual needs.

We’ll Help You Protect Your Investment with Up-to-Date Registration and Documentation.

The only time your boat is out on the water is when you use it. Even if you are a passionate boater. As a result, you have no idea whether your boat’s current paperwork, registration, and title are correct. Even more distressing is that several journalists and news organizations have reported on the theft or destruction of boats owing to fraudulent paperwork. Nobody likes to see their hard-earned money go to waste in this manner.

Investing in insurance is a smart move. Why not maintain your boat safe and legal after investing so much time and money? Ship registration and documentation services are available at the Vessel Documentation Center, which provides the most current information. A US Bill of Sale or Coast Guard documents may be obtained via us. Our International Documentation Services even help you avoid the myriad legal complications and registration issues that come with doing business in a foreign country.

Boat Bill Of Sale

We Offer Competitive Rates for Your Boat Bill of Sale Needs

As soon as we started the Vessel Documentation Center, our staff’s goal was to provide affordable, high-quality vessel bill of sale services. The fact that we are still able to offer competitive prices for all of our products and services shows that we have successfully adhered to this principle, which was set forth many years ago. It is our firm belief that you will not find lower rates elsewhere. Vessel Documentation Center ABC fees are among the lowest in the industry, so you’ll save money if you apply here.

Applying for an ABC is a reasonably straightforward procedure that takes a few minutes to complete. After you sign up, you are provided all the information required to download, fill out and print your application form. Once this is done, you’ll need to sign the application in two places and snap two pictures of yourself before submitting it to us using one of our electronic alternatives or by mail. If a lien exists on the boat you wish to record; there will be a charge applied at this point. Contact us immediately at +1 (800) 340-7580 if you need assistance applying for an American Boat Bill of Sale.