CG 1258 Form: What Is It and Why Do You Need It

CG 1258 Form: What Is It and Why Do You Need It

If you are the owner of a boat, you are aware that certain obligations come along with the ownership and operation of a vessel. The completion of the CG 1258 form, also known as the Vessel Incident Report, is one of these requirements. Because of the significance of this document, if you are involved in an accident or incident while you are out on the water, it is essential that you comprehend why you are required to have it and what information must be included in it. 

We will present an overview of the CG 1258 form and explain why it is vital for boat owners to complete it in this article on our blog. Are you a boat owner with the US Coast Guard? If this is the case, you need to be familiar with the CG 1258 Form. Use this form to declare that a vessel will only be used for domestic purposes. The following are some advantages of possessing a CG 1258 Form:

CG 1258 Form

It Provides Proof of Ownership and Registration for Your Boat.

You have just become the happy new owner of a powerboat. You cannot think of a more appropriate way to display your new acquisition than by having your boat registration certificate according to This is the reason why we have gathered here today. In order to help you become the most responsible and successful boat owner that you can be, we are going to provide you with crucial information on the official Coast Guard Form 1258 Boat Registration Form.

The United States Coast Guard uses this standardized form to monitor and maintain control over the ownership of boats and the registration of boats. You are required to apply for this document if you want to operate your boat on international seas or if your vessel’s length is more than 26.4 feet. You will be able to either provide evidence that your vessel has been registered with the United States Coast Guard by completing the CG1 258 form, or you will be able to fix an error that has been made in an existing registration number.

It Documents the Crewmembers Who Are Operating Your Vessel.

If you run a vessel with three or more crew members, you are required by the Coast Guard to carry a CG 1258 Form on board. This is a mandatory requirement. Why? Because it provides evidence of the crew members who are steering your vessel. Due to the nature of the document, it must be completed correctly. Keeping a CG1258 form on board, your vessel guarantees that everyone on board can be located and accounted for in the event of an emergency and offers boat documentation if an incident occurs. You are obliged by law to have a CG 1258 on board your vessel. This document serves to record crucial information on the crewmembers working on your vessels, such as their names and personal telephone numbers.

It Can Be Used as Evidence in Case of An Accident or Incident

A CG 1258 form is one of the forms you’ll need to provide to your insurance carrier if you’ve been in an accident. The Department of Transportation requires this paperwork before any insurance claim for a motor vehicle may be completed. While primarily designed for commercial cars, this form may be used by individuals to register their automobiles.

CG 1258 is a form that must be kept on any boat in the United States with less than 100 passengers. Despite the scary name, it’s more of an application form than a list of regulations. In addition, it gives details about the policyholder’s insurance coverage. For the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) stringent safety standards, they’ll be looking for and inspecting it. But don’t be alarmed; as long as you’re following the rules, you’ll be OK. All it implies is that you’ll be refused to board or punished in the future if you’re not in compliance.

CG 1258 Form

CG 1258 Form Helps Prove That You’re Complying with Maritime Regulations

Completing the CG 1258 form is essential since it provides evidence that you are adhering to maritime standards. Violating these rules is something that should be avoided at all costs. Suppose you are found without this document aboard your boat, and you still need to travel out to sea. In that case, the authorities might press charges against any captain or crew member who isn’t carrying a legitimate copy of this form. The consequences for not possessing this form are incredibly severe. This form demonstrates to other parties (such as the crews of other boats with whom you do business) that your crews are highly competent, well-trained, and prepared to deal with any challenge that may come their way is the essential function of this document.

A CG 1258 Form is required to register a vessel in the United States. You may get one from the Maritime Documentation Center by calling 800-535-8570, or you can find it online here.