67.233 – Restrictions on Recording Mortgages, Preferred Mortgages, and Related Instruments

(a) A mortgage or assumption of mortgage which otherwise meets the requirements of this subpart is nonetheless not eligible for filing and recording if:
(1) The mortgagor or assuming party(ies) did not actually hold legal title to the interest in the vessel being mortgaged or covered by the assumption at the time of filing of the mortgage or assumption; or
(2) If the vessel(s) which the mortgage cover(s) is (are) not documented or not the subject of an application for documentation.

(b) A mortgage of a vessel 100 feet or greater in length applying for a fishery endorsement is eligible for filing and recording as a preferred mortgage only if it meets the requirements of this part and the requirements of 46 CFR 356.19.

(c) The requirements of paragraph (b) of this section do not apply to the mortgagee of a vessel identified in §67.11(b) or to any other vessel to which the Maritime Administration has given approval for unrestricted transfer pursuant to regulations in 46 CFR part 221.

[CGD 89–007, CGD 89–007a, 58 FR 60266, Nov. 15, 1003, as amended by USCG–1999–6095, 65 FR 76576, Dec. 7, 2000]