67.91 – Passage of Title Pursuant to Operation of State Law

When title to a documented vessel has passed by operation of State law for reasons other than those specified in this subpart, such passage must be established by:

(a) A copy of the statute permitting transfer of title to the vessel and setting forth procedures to be followed in disposing of the vessel;

(b) An affidavit from the party acting against the vessel, setting forth the basis for selling the vessel, and the steps taken to comply with the requirements of the statute under which title passes;

(c) Evidence of substantial compliance with the relevant statute(s); and

(d) A bill of sale which meets the criteria for filing and recording set forth in subpart P of this part from the acting party as agent for the owner(s) of record.

NOTE: State law authorizing a marina to dispose of abandoned vessels is an example of passage of title by operation of law contemplated by §67.91.