67.141 – Application Procedure; All Cases

The owner of a vessel applying for an initial Certificate of Documentation, exchange or replacement of a Certificate of Documentation, or return of a vessel to documentation after deletion from documentation must:

(a) Submit the following to the National Vessel Documentation Center:
(1) Application for Initial Issue, Exchange, or Replacement of Certificate of Documentation; or Redocumentation (form CG–1258);
(2) Title evidence, if applicable;
(3) Mortgagee consent on form CG–4593, if applicable; and
(4) If the application is for replacement of a mutilated document or exchange of documentation, the outstanding Certificate of Documentation.

(b) Each vessel 100 feet and greater in length applying for a fishery endorsement must meet the requirements of 46 CFR part 356 and must submit materials
required in paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) Upon receipt of the Certification of Documentation and prior to operation of the vessel, ensure that the vessel is marked in accordance with the requirements set forth in subpart I of this part.

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