The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) codifies the general and permanent rules of Executive departments and agencies which have been published in the Federal Register. The Federal Register consists of two publications, the annually revised Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the daily Federal Register (FR).The CFR is divided into 50 titles which represent broad areas subject to Federal regulation. Each title is divided into chapters; each chapter is further subdivided into Subchapters; and then again into Parts covering specific regulatory areas.The Federal Register (FR) is the daily supplement to the CFR. It serves as the mechanism to provide official notification to the public about Federal documents or proposals having general applicability. These may include Presidential proclamations and Executive Orders, and Federal agency rules, regulations, and notices. The FR also serves to notify the public and interested parties about an agency's intent to hold public meetings, request comments or propose regulation and provides the mechanism for obtaining comments from affected parties.CLICK HERE FOR THE US COAST GUARD BOATING SAFETY PAGE.Federal Regulations (CFR) Federal Register (FR)

The pertinent parts of the Code of Federal Regulations to Recreational Boating Safety are:

Penalties for Negligent operation & Interfering with Safe Operation46 USC 2302
Numbering undocumented vessels46 USC 123
Yacht Privileges and obligations19 CFR 4.94
Operating a vessel while under the influence of alcohol or a dangerous drug33 CFR 95
Regulated Navigation areas33 CFR 165
Protection of Naval Vessels (Security zones)33 CFR 165.2010
Vessel Numbering and Casualty and Accident Reporting33 CFR 173
State Numbering and Casualty Reporting Systems33 CFR 174
Carriage and use of Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)33 CFR 175.15
Carriage and use of visual distress signals (VDS)33 CFR 175.101
Correction of especially hazardous conditions33 CFR 177
Manufacturer certification33 CFR 181.5-19
Identification of boats33 CFR 181.21
Boats and Associated Equipment33 CFR 183
Display of capacity information33 CFR 183.21-27
Safe loading33 CFR 183.31-43
Safe powering33 CFR 183.51-53
Flotation Requirements for Boats33 CFR 183.101-335
Electrical systems33 CFR 183.401-460
Fuel systems33 CFR 183.501-590
Ventilation33 CFR 183.601-630
Start-in-gear protection33 CFR 183.701-715
Navigation lights33 CFR 183.801-810
Vessel identification system33 CFR 187
Reporting undocumented vessel accidents and casualties46 CFR 4.05
Carriage of fire extinguishing equipment46 CFR 25
Backfire flame control46 CFR 25.35