USCG Boat Names and How to Get One

Buying your boat may have seemed like the most complicated part for you. You had to deal with getting the price, working with the manufacturer (if you are buying new), or with a broker (if you purchased a used ship), and the paperwork may have seemed like it would never end. Even after you have done all that, you still have a few things that you need to tend to, like coming up with a name for your boat. Perhaps you have always had a name in mind that means something special to you, or maybe you have no clue what to do about naming. One thing you will need to be sure of is that when you file your paperwork with the Coast Guard is that a name is a must. After an owner chooses their USCG boat names, we’ve helped them to get all of their documentation done. 

Documentation and Boat Names

If you are purchasing a new boat, you will get the pleasure of giving the vessel its first name. Whether you plan on registering your ship with the state you live in, or you want to get federal certification and documentation, you will still need to provide a name for the boat. The name you give your vessel will be proudly displayed on the outer hull of the ship for all to see. The application for ship documentation requires you supply a vessel name and hailing port, so you want to make sure you fill it out correctly and spell it right. There are no regulations regarding coming up with an original name, so that your boat can have the same name as dozens of others if you wish, or it can be something utterly unique to you.

Changing Boat Names

For those that buy a boat on the secondary market, you may not like the name that came along with the vessel on its documentation papers. Changing USCG boat names does require that you submit paperwork to the Coast Guard so you can get approval to change the name. There is a form you must use, form CG-1258, that allows you to apply for a name change. If your vessel is carrying a mortgage, you will also need to get the approval of the mortgage company for this change.

Paperwork for Boat Names

No matter what you decide to do about USCG boat names, paperwork is going to be part of the process, and here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we are here to assist you. You can find the applications and forms you need to file with the Coast Guard on our website, and we will provide you with the ability to fill out forms electronically for faster filing. You can file for a change, or for new documentation, and we will check over the forms for you before they get passed along to the Coast Guard for processing. Our website gives you the best method to deal with the Coast Guard. That way, you can give your vessel the ideal name that you will love.