How Do I Access a Boat Name Database?

Our site can be accessed for a “boat name search” of sorts. Through this search function, vessel owners can search for vessels by Official Number (ON) and Hull Identification Number (HIN). 

With this search, vessel owners can learn the name of a vessel. Additionally, they can find information such as the vessel’s flag, its service information, tonnage, dimensions, and even when its Certificate of Documentation was issued as well as when it will expire.

Make a US Vessel Documentation Search

Steps to access a boat name database

  1. Navigate to the vessel documentation search: Look for a section or link on the website that allows you to search for vessel documentation. This may be labeled as “Vessel Search,” “Documentation Search,” or something similar.
  2. Enter the boat name: Once you’ve accessed the search function, enter the boat name you want to search for. You may also need to specify other search criteria, such as the state of registration or the vessel’s documentation number if you have that information.
  3. Review the results: After submitting your search, you should receive a list of vessels that match the name or criteria you entered. You can then click on a specific vessel to access more detailed information, including ownership and registration details.

Use this link to conduct this vessel documentation search

Other Ways to Access Boat Name Database

Accessing a boat name database can be useful if you’re looking for information about specific boats or if you’re interested in naming your own boat and want to check if the name is already in use.

  1. Local Marina and Harbor Authorities: If you’re interested in boats in a specific area, you can reach out to local marina or harbor authorities. They may have information about boats registered in their jurisdiction, including their names.
  2. Boat Shows and Events: Attending boat shows or events related to boating can be a great way to meet fellow boaters and gather information about boat names. Many boat owners display their vessels at these events.
  3. Create Your Own Database: If you’re interested in maintaining a personal database of boat names for a specific purpose, you can start by collecting information from various sources, including online databases, local boat registrations, and boating communities. Be sure to respect privacy and legal considerations when doing so.

Remember that the availability and accessibility of boat name databases may vary depending on your location and the specific information you’re seeking. Always respect privacy and legal regulations when using such databases, and ensure you have a legitimate reason for accessing this information.

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This database will not include the identity of the vessel’s owner, nor will it have any information about mortgages, liens, and the like. To obtain that information, vessel owners should use this link to apply for an Abstract of Title.