How to Perform a USCG Documentation Search?

Through our site, you can conduct a Coast Guard boat registration search. You can search by HIN (“Hull Identification Number”) or the Official Number of the vessel. Through this, you will receive information about a vessel’s name, tonnage measurements, particulars/dimensions, and more. You will not receive the owner’s name as that information was stricken from public access in 2018.

We do not control that USCG database, so we are not in charge of the information therein. The USCG updates that database periodically, so recently-entered information may not be in the database.

Another search you can perform is through the NOAA. This can help you to find more information about USCG documented vessels in the United States:

To obtain information about the Managing Owner of a vessel that’s been documented with the USCG, you can apply for an Abstract of Title.