How to Perform a USCG Documentation Search?

How to Perform a USCG Documentation Search?

Through our site, you can conduct a Coast Guard boat registration search. You can search by HIN (“Hull Identification Number”) or the Official Number of the vessel. Through this, you will receive information about a vessel’s name, tonnage measurements, particulars/dimensions, and more. You will not receive the owner’s name as that information was stricken from public access in 2018.

Why is USCG documentation important?

  • Proof of ownership: A USCG document is a legal document that proves that you are the owner of your vessel. This can be important for a variety of reasons, such as if you need to sell your vessel, obtain a loan, or file an insurance claim.
  • Vessel registration: In most states, USCG documentation exempts you from having to register your vessel with the state. This can save you time and money.
  • International travel: If you plan to travel outside of the United States with your vessel, you will need a USCG document. This is because a USCG document is considered to be an official vessel registry by most countries.
  • Financial benefits: Many lenders offer lower interest rates on loans for USCG documented vessels. Additionally, some insurance companies offer lower rates on insurance for USCG documented vessels.
  • Safety: The USCG documentation process includes a vessel safety examination. This examination helps to ensure that your vessel is safe and seaworthy.
  • Clear title assurance: The USCG maintains a public record of all documented vessels, including any liens or encumbrances. This makes it easy to verify the ownership of a documented vessel and to ensure that the vessel is free of liens.
  • Simplified financing: Many lenders prefer to finance USCG documented vessels because the documentation process provides a clear and verifiable record of ownership. This can make it easier to obtain a loan and to get a lower interest rate.
  • Reduced paperwork: USCG documentation exempts vessel owners from having to register their vessels with the state. This can save vessel owners time and money, especially if they own multiple vessels.
  • Enhanced safety: USCG documented vessels are subject to regular safety inspections. These inspections help to ensure that the vessel is properly equipped and maintained, and that it is safe to operate.
  • National vessel registry: USCG documentation is a national vessel registry. This means that a documented vessel is recognized as a US vessel by all foreign governments. This can make it easier to enter and leave foreign ports.

In addition to these specific benefits, USCG documentation is also important because it helps the Coast Guard to better protect our waterways. When a vessel is documented, the Coast Guard has a record of the vessel’s owner and registration information. This information can be used to investigate accidents, locate missing vessels, and identify vessels that are engaged in illegal activity.

Overall, USCG documentation is an important tool for vessel owners. It provides a number of benefits, including proof of ownership, vessel registration, international travel, financial benefits, and safety.

Is the USCG database updated daily?

We do not control that USCG database, so we are not in charge of the information therein. The USCG updates that database periodically, so recently-entered information may not be in the database.

Are there any alternative ways to search?

Another search you can perform is through the NOAA. This can help you to find more information about USCG documented vessels in the United States:

To obtain information about the Managing Owner of a vessel that’s been documented with the USCG, you can apply for an Abstract of Title.