The First (and Second) Steps in Your Coast Guard Vessel Search

Do you want to start a Coast Guard vessel search to find the perfect boat for your needs, but just aren’t sure where to begin? When you begin to formulate a plan to research vessels, does it seem like there are too many options (few of which you can trust?) That’s perfectly understandable. Buying a vessel can be a massive undertaking. There’s so much that goes into making the right decision. It’s your money, you worked hard to earn it, so you want to do everything in your power to get the right vessel. We can help. 

Step One of a Coast Guard Vessel Search: the Abstract of Title 

Despite the somewhat odd-sounding name, there’s really nothing “abstract” about the Abstract of Title. In reality, it gives you real, “concrete” information about the vessel of your choosing. The Abstract of Title, more or less, is the complete history of the vessel itself. That means you’ll have the entire chain of ownership with nothing left out, no broken links, so to speak. Perhaps most crucially, you’ll know definitively whether or there are any liens or mortgages placed against the vessel as well as their status. 

Why the Abstract of Title Can Come in So Handy 

If you’re in the process of researching a vessel, then you know just how important it can be to have good information. We all want to believe that the vessel we’ve had our eye on is just as great as it seems. However, as we all know, looks can be deceiving. The last thing anyone wants is to buy a vessel only to discover that it has all kinds of liens and mortgages on it. Then, the prior vessel owner wouldn’t be responsible for them – you would be. On top of that, you could learn that the vessel is much older and has had more work done to it than you might have been told. 

Are you Researching a Vessel That’s Overseas? 

You may have read to this part and thought: “that sounds great, but the Abstract of Title only covers vessels made in America. I’m researching a vessel in Canada.” We’ve got you covered there, too. The “Foreign Vessel Title Search Request/Transcript of Registry” form can give you similar amounts of information about vessels in the UK, the Bahamas, Canada, and other places. 

The Forms You’ll Need After You Purchase Your Vessel 

None of the above is said to dissuade you from one vessel to another. Indeed, we know how important it is to have all of the information in front of you before you make a decision about one vessel or another. We’re rooting for you and hope that you find the vessel of your dreams! When that happens, you’ll find all of the forms you need for your vessel at our site. From the initial documentation through renewal, getting a mortgage, satisfying it, and more, they’re all right here. If you have questions, call (800) 535-8570 or fill out our contact form.