Coast Guard Documentation Renewal: the Next Frontier

The time has come for your Coast Guard documentation renewal … probably. If you’re like many vessel owners, it’s natural to not be 100% sure when that’s taking place. You do know that you have to get it renewed once a year, but you may not be exactly sure just when that is. As vessel owners ourselves, we’re right there with you. That’s why we created a service that makes it easier for everyone. We’ll clear up a few points about renewing your documentation and then show how we can help.

Coast Guard Documentation Renewal

You may know that your Certificate of Documentation is valid for one year and one year from the date of issue. They send notifications to the owner’s address on file. If you’re like many people, you may not stay in one place for long. It’s natural to get so caught up in your life that you might forget to update that address so you may not get their notifications about when it’s time to renew your registration. That’s where our coast guard documents renewal forms come in.

Don’t Renew Too Early

You’re a go-getter, the kind of person who likes to take care of things as soon as possible. We understand that, but when it comes to renewing your vessel documentation, that can actually work against you. If you renew your certificate before the month of expiration, you aren’t getting any more time. In a way, you’re only getting eleven months (or less) of valid documentation. See, when you renew, that date becomes the new date for your documentation.

So, if you renew before the month when your documentation was to expire, then you would lose that month in the following year. To use an example: say that your documentation is going to expire in August. As a proactive person, you renew your documentation in July. Then, next year’s renewal is due in… July, not August. So, you’re paying that money just to basically lose a month of documentation. It doesn’t pay to renew your documentation too early.

Renew Well in Advance

Of course, it’s just a pain to have to renew annually. How many other forms of documentation do you have to renew every year in the rest of your life? So, we wanted to make it easier on vessel owners. Now, when you go to our site to renew your documentation (or to just do the initial documentation) you’ll find that there’s an option below that lets you renew for years in advance. You can renew for one, two, three, four and even five years ahead of time. That’s one less worry that you’ll have to be concerned with so that you can go back to your vessel.

Vessel Documentation with Us

We can take care of this documentation for you as well as any other kind that you might need. Instead of having to juggle a million forms in your desk, head to our site or give us a call at (800) 535-8570 for all your documentation needs.