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National Vessel Document Center Lookup

If you have a vessel’s Hull Identification Number (HIN) and/or Official Number, then you can use our national vessel document center to look those up as well as other information. 

Have a Boat Bill Of SaleUse this link to conduct an Official Number and HIN Lookup.

This search will provide you with more than just the Official Number and HIN. It will also include the vessel’s name, its flag, and Vessel Particulars. Those consist of the vessel’s length, breadth, depth, the year it was built, and its service/endorsement. 

Service Information such as the vessel’s status and its Tonnage Information are also included. 

Vessel Documents and Certifications states when the vessel’s most recent Certificate of Documentation was issued as well as its current expiration date. 

The search will not include the Managing Owner’s name or address. Past searches may have included that information but in 2018 it was removed from public access. 

To find that information as well as the vessel’s chain of ownership, use this link to file for a USCG Abstract of Title. This Abstract will also include a full account of any liens/encumbrances against the vessel. 

Another way to find the owner of a USCG Documented Vessel: by requesting a Certified Copy of the Certificate of Documentation. This includes the Managing Owner’s name, address, and other information. 



Use this link to apply for a Certified Copy of US Vessel Documentation

If you have further questions about national vessel documentation, contact the Vessel Registrar Center at or (800) 535-8570 Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM.