Hopefully, you are never in any kind of boating accident, whether you have a documented vessel or any other kind. However, in the event that you are, there are certain protocols that you have to follow.
To wit, you have to report to your State reporting authority if on your vessel:
Someone dies.
Someone is injured and requires medical treatment beyond what first aid can provide.
Any damage to the vessel and other property exceeds $2,000 or more.
There is a complete loss of any vessel.
Someone disappears from the vessel under circumstances that indicate death or injury.
You have to make this report quickly as well. To that end, you must report by a certain time. For example:
If someone dies, then you have 48 hours to report the occurrence.
If someone disappears from the vessel or is injured and requires treatment beyond first aid, then you have 48 hours to report.
Certain circumstances can necessitate other timelines for reporting.
The USCG Boating Safety Division has more information here.
For the official Code of Federal Regulations, click here.
Vessel owners can also use our site for vessel documentation here.