Your Guide to USCG Certificate of Documentation Renewal

Are you a vessel owner trying to navigate the waters under the United States Coast Guard’s (USCG) jurisdiction? If you are, then you need to consider documenting your boat. This is especially true if it is over 5 net tons. On the other hand, if it’s due for the USCG certificate of documentation renewal, you need to do it before the certification expires.

Understanding the USCG Certificate of Documentation Renewal

The COD is referred to as the Coast Guard Documentation. It is a federal registration for eligible vessels. It serves as evidence of a vessel’s nationality. It also facilitates legal operations both in international and domestic waters. To maintain current documentation and adhere to USCG regulations, renewal is necessary.

Guide for the Renewal

Know the Deadline

The COD is typically valid for a year. It is vital to be aware of your boat’s renewal deadline to ensure timely submission of renewal documents. The USCG provides a grace period after the expiration date. But operating with an expired certificate can lead to penalties.

Submit Renewal Form 

Once you know the deadline, you should initiate the renewal process by submitting form CG-1280. It is also known as the renewal form. You don’t have to leave this website just to find this form. Our website has all the forms that you need for USCG renewal. The CG-1280 includes essential details about your vessel, such as its documentation number and current status.

Payment of Renewal Fee

Before you can submit the form, you need to pay the appropriate renewal fee. The overall fee depends on the boat’s tonnage. It is also subject to change. If you are not sure, you may talk to our experts about the overall charges you have to settle before you can renew your COD.

Complete Application for Renewal

You should complete filling in the application form. Make sure that you provide accurate details about your vessel. Changes in ownership and modifications must be indicated. If you fail to do so, your renewal will be delayed.

Additional Documentation

There are cases where the USCG will request additional documentation, like the Certification of Build. This will help verify compliance with construction standards. You should be ready to provide it if requested. Make sure to submit this document promptly. Otherwise, your renewal application will be delayed which may affect the time it takes for you to use your vessel.

Submit the Documents

You can send all the required documents and the completed form through our website. There is no need for you to leave the site and go somewhere else. Once you find the right form, you can fill it out, pay the necessary fee, and submit it along with the necessary requirements.

Await Confirmation and Documentation

It can take a few days to a few weeks before you receive your renewed Certificate of Documentation. The renewed COD will reflect the updated documentation status.

USCG certificate of documentation renewal

Tip for a Successful Renewal

It is ideal that you initiate the renewal process before the expiration date. In this way, you can avoid potential delays and ensure that your vessel remains legally documented.

USCG Certificate of Documentation renewal is now easier with the use of our system here. Just browse our forms on the left side of this page. Then, if you need further help in filling the forms, make sure to give us a call.