Working with the National Documentation Center

When you are the owner of a business and make use of boats to run or operate your business, you have a lot involved with that you must take care of. Naturally, making sure your vessels are safe, secure, and well-maintained is one of your main concerns. You also want to make sure that your customers and clients are satisfied with the level of service you offer, whether it is as a charter boat, a commercial fishing boat, a transportation vessel, or something else. On top of all these concerns, it is also up to you to make sure your vessel documentation is accurate and current no matter how many boats you maintain. Commercial boat ownership means working with the National Documentation Center for various tasks and finding the best way to work with them can make life much easier for you.

The National Documentation Center’s Role

The documentation center is a branch of the United States Coast Guard (USCG), and their primary responsibility is to handle paperwork and the database that lists all documented vessels, both commercial and recreational, in the United States. According to current laws, as a commercial owner, you must document your vessels and keep your documentation current and active. Any time you sell a vessel, take one out of commission or buy a new one, you must record it with the NVDC, so that they are aware of it. You may find that working with the center can be challenging even under the best of circumstances.

Difficulties with the Center

It will be easy for you to see why you might have problems with the National Documentation Center. The center is responsible for thousands of vessels, and that number increases with each passing day. You, along with many others, may be submitting paperwork at the same time, causing delays in processing. To make things more complicated, many of the tasks you need to perform with the center are only handled through traditional mail, making wait times and delays even more likely for you. If you had a better way to do things, you surely would jump at it, wouldn’t you?

Better Dealings with the Center

Here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we make working with the National Documentation Center much better for you by taking on an important intermediary role. We are an outside agency that handles filing with the NVDC to make it faster and easier for boat owners like yourself. We have all the necessary documentation forms on our website so you can sit down and fill them out on a computer instead of paper. You fill out your forms, send them, along with documents and fees, to us, and then we check them over for you, so there are no mistakes that can cause problems for you. After that step, we send everything to the NVDC for you, making the filing steps faster. Give our website a try so you can see how much better documenting work can be for you.