Why Use a Boat Documentation Service For Vessel Registry?

After you’ve purchased your new boat you may be curious about how to get it registered and the best ways of getting that done. If you’re a commercial boat owner the law demands that you are a part of the federal registration which is kept by the United States Coast Guard. This means going through a lengthy and sometimes confusing documentation process. However, if you own a Yacht or pleasure craft there are other options for you. You might have a boat-owning friend or two who has told you horror stories about how awful the process of documentation can be. Hunting down the right documents, filling them out only to have some small clerical error bounce them back to you for reassessment. For this reason alone it might be a good option for you to explore other options such as the boat documentation service that are out there.


The Maritime Documentation Center is specifically designed to make the documentation process easier for you. We provide you with the route to getting your vessel documented without hassle. As a third party company, we handle the documentation process so that our client can be assured their paperwork is filled out correctly the first time around. Human error when filling out paperwork is entirely reasonable to expect but having a second set of eyes on your work can only make things easier. We have all your applications at hand out our website including the processes to registering your new vessel, replacing documents, getting abstract of titles, renewing your boat documentation and much more. This can all be done with ease.

You may be wondering how we can do the job better than you could, its because we have a dedicated staff that looks over every entry that you make in your documentation submissions. We know how cumbersome filling out paperwork can be and we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Our staff understands what information is important in your applications and we check for misspellings, missing info, errors and other issues. We work hard with the sole ambition of making your documentation process easy and reduce the risk of errors within your application. Having a company dedicated to double checking your work means that the risk of having your application sent back over trivial errors is much lower.  This also cuts down on the potential of a delay in your application processing and hopefully gets you out on the water faster.


One of the best features of using the Maritime Documentation center is the ease of access you have to all of the paperwork you will need. This can make things much easier when you attempt to register with your vessel with the United States Coast Guard. If you would like a faster and more efficient means of filing the right paperwork you can start using our services today. Avoid the usual hassle of paperwork and get your affairs settled sooner. If you would like information or have any question regarding how to get started or about your filed documents you can call us at 1-800-535-8570 today.