Why USCG Exchange can Be Necessary

Unfortunately, there is often a moment in a boat owner’s life in which they need to part ways with their beloved vessels. If that is your case, then you will need to transfer the ownership of the boat to a new owner, or, as the process is formally known, proceed with a United States Coast Guard (USCG) exchange. Luckily for you, you have come to the right spot to do it: the Maritime Documentation Center. We will provide you with all the papers you need and who to contact if you have any problems. Read on if you want to find out!

When you Will Need a USCG Exchange

It is possible that as a current owner of a USCG documented vessel you need to apply for a transfer/exchange of USCG Documentation to another boat owner, to avoid him having to go through the entire application process once again. With the procedure, we offer this is now possible, additionally, we also assist you during the submission process. The overall application can be completed in about 20 minutes if you follow the instructions we provide care.

Our forms are made simple for you to be able to complete them thoroughly. Furthermore, our website is mobile-friendly, so if you are now scrolling through your phone keep in mind that our forms are accessible from your device too. After this brief introduction, let us proceed with the proper filling of the application.

Filling out the Form

To begin with, you need to head to the Transfer/Exchange USCG form on the left side of the home page of the Maritime Documentation Center. Once there, you will be asked for your vessel name and to mark if you own it, have just purchased or have recently been built. After that, you will need to complete the form with your official, hull identification and international maritime organization number (if applicable). To finish with the boat’s details, you will need to fill out your hailing port with its appropriate state.

Later on, you will need to complete the information about the managing owner: name, email address, telephone number, social security or tax id number, and physical and mailing addresses. Additionally, you will need to answer if there is another owner of the vessel and some other questions like the purpose of the application (exchange in your case), the endorsements for which the application is made, the primary service, and horsepower. Finally, on the next page, you will need to choose the number of trustees for the boat and sign the document under oath. After that, you will have the option of choosing any other documentation you may want to add and paying for the document.

USCG Exchange

Easily Accessible Forms for your Boat

As we have already told you, the Maritime Documentation Center gives you access not only to the USCG exchange document but also to many different types of boating paperwork. Easy to use, completely online, secure (on our SSL-encrypted platform), and helpful, with our experienced staff overlooking the forms you submit. Contact us today and clear all of your doubts!