Why Documenting a Vessel is the Choice for So Many Owners

Have you been considering documenting a vessel but are on the fence about it? Does it seem confusing as to whether or not you would want to document your boat? At one point or another, many vessel owners feel that same way. After all, when it comes to your vessel, you have so many decisions to make. “Pursuing documentation” is rarely going to be at the forefront of your mind. Over the years, vessel owners have told us many reasons as to why they documented their vessels. 

Documenting a Vessel: The Bank Basically Told You To 

One of the most common reasons that someone would get documentation for their vessel is that they were required to by a bank which offered them a loan. Plenty of vessel owners financed their purchase. To do so, they needed to get a loan from the bank. So many banks will require the vessel owner to document their vessel. The bank wants this because it’s how they can secure the lien at a federal level. Should this be a reason that you’re documenting your vessel, we can make the process that much smoother. 

documenting a vessel

International Waters 

Are you planning on taking your vessel outside the waters of the United States? If so, then documentation is probably the right idea. After all, this establishes nationality. You’ll be under even greater protection as you go out onto the international seas. A good analogy is to think of documentation like a passport. You don’t need it to do everything. You may not even need it in the course of your day to day operation. However, there will be times when you’re traveling when it’s absolutely necessary. That’s a (somewhat crude) analogy to how documentation can work for your vessel. 

You Can Make the Exterior of Your Vessel Look How You Want, More or Less 

If you’ve seen numbers on the outside of a vessel, usually, those are state registration numbers. These come in different colors and sizes. Indeed, many vessel owners have chosen a style that fits in naturally with their vessel’s aesthetic. However, there are vessel owners who don’t like that look, who want their vessel’s exterior to look clean and clear. With documentation, you don’t have to put those numbers out there, not like that. This may not be the most legally compelling reason, of course, but it’s your boat. You should have a say in how it looks, inside and out. 

All the Documents You’ll Need 

If you do decide to document your vessel, we can help. Indeed, we have all of the forms that you might need throughout the course of owning your vessel. From your initial documentation, through your annual renewal, to the time you come to sell it to someone else, all of the forms you might need for your boat are here in one place. To see all of the forms that we offer, head to our site, or talk to our experts at (800) 535-8570.