Why Do You Need a Boat Bill of Sale And How to Fill It Out

Are you in the process of selling your boat and want to make sure that you have everything taken care of? Does it feel like you need a boat bill of sale to complete the transaction? That may be the case. Unless, of course, you own a documented vessel. If your vessel is documented, then a bill of sale isn’t the right form. Indeed, you’ll note that, at our site, you won’t find a bill of sale. That’s because we only offer forms for documented vessels. However, if you’re selling an undocumented vessel, we can help you to set up your own bill of sale. 

Why You Might Need this Bill of Sale 

Simply put, if you’re selling an undocumented vessel. If you’re doing that, then a bill of sale can be a great way to keep track of everything, to have some documentation that the form took place. Indeed, with the bill of sale, you’ll be able to more efficiently transfer the ownership of your boat. Additionally, it makes it all that much easier to keep track of the other parties’ information both during the process and after. 

Boat Bill of Sale

What Should Be in a Boat Bill of Sale 

Again, there is no set, agreed-upon, government-based “bill of sale” form. However, there is information that just about everyone agrees a bill of sale should include. For example, it should have the price of your vessel as well as the information of everyone involved. That means your name, the name of the other party, your contact information, their contact information, and so forth. Plus, you’re going to want a detailed description of the vessel in question, too. The HIN, its serial number, when it was made, model, length, and anything else. 

Other Things to Keep in Mind 

Are you selling just the boat to the other person? Or, alternatively, are you selling other items with the boat as well? Many, when they sell a boat, sell the trailer, the motor, plenty of electronics, spare props, and so much more. All of that should be listed in the bill of sale as well. You may want to itemize the list in terms of price, too. So, you’d have the price for the vessel, the price for the electronics, for the trailer, and so forth. 

Selling a Documented Vessel and Much More 

Now, all of the above is what you’ll want to include in a bill of sale if you aren’t selling a documented vessel. If you are selling a documented vessel, then we can help. At our site, you can find the “Transfer of Ownership” form. With that, you’ll be able to sell your documented vessel. Keep in mind: your vessel should be free of mortgages, liens, and the like before you sell your vessel. You can find all of the other documentation that you’ll need for documented vessels (including how to make your vessel a documented vessel) right here at our site.