When Do You Need to Change a Vessel Name and Hailing Port?

If you are new to the boating world you may have realized by now that there are a few terms you might not be familiar with. Having your own vessel comes with a certain degree of responsibility as well, and that involves having to take care of your own paperwork. For that reason, it is important to get to know the requirements of the United States Coast Guard (USCG). The first thing you will probably figure out is that your craft can either be registered at a state level or through the US Coast Guard. The hailing port will then vary depending on the type of licensing you to choose. You might now be thinking “the what?” So let us find out what it is…

What is a Hailing Port?

A hailing port is, by definition, “the name of the port from which a vessel hails. Required by law to be painted on the stern of all documented vessels in the United States; the port in which the managing owner of the vessel lives, or which is nearest to his places of residence; the home port of a vessel.”

On what occasion would you need to change it then? The same way it works with your car registration when you move from one state to another. If your vessel was previously registered in one state, you can change it to another. You have to, and you also need to agree to the new regulations and rules of the new port. Bear this in mind when applying for changing the named port of your vessel and also that the taxes and registration fees you have to pay will come from that new state.

Hailing Port

Changing your Vessel’s Name and Hailing Port Step by Step

Choose a new name for your boat. It does not have to be unique. “Island time”, “Liberty” or “No regrets” are some of the most popular names. The important thing is that you only use standard alpha and numeric characters.

Once you have chosen the boat’s name you need to obtain the proper documentation. You will need the official number, current vessel name, and hailing port. 

Now that you have gathered all of the appropriate details, it is a matter of finding the correct form. On the left side of our website, you will find what are the documents you can obtain at the Maritime Documentation Center.

The eleventh option starting to count from the top is called “change of name or hailing port”. Our portal will guide you through the information you need to complete and you will have the documentation in no time.

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