What’s in an Abstract of Title for Boat and Why is it Useful?

Have you been trying to find more information about a vessel but want sources you can absolutely trust? Do you want to have as much information as possible before making a purchasing decision? If so, then you very well may want to request an Abstract of Title for Boat. There are plenty of ways this form can come in handy. 

Abstract of Title Boat Information Resource 

The Abstract of the Title is full of vessel information. Many request this form just to learn the identity and location of the managing owner. That information was pulled from many vessel documentation search results years ago. Additionally, the Abstract contains a vessel’s entire chain of ownership, the prices of prior sales (if it has been sold), and even the status of any liens/encumbrances against a vessel. That way, you can know not just if anyone took out a mortgage/lien on the vessel, but you can also know whether or not those were satisfied. 

Better Informed = Better Decision Making 

That last part is very important. The last thing anyone wants to do is to buy a vessel and end up having to pay more than they anticipated. Consider a hypothetical: you’re researching a potential vessel and it seems great. The pictures and the information shared by the vessel’s current owner look like they’re exactly what you’re looking for. Just to be on the safe side, you request an Abstract of the Title. Through that, you find that the vessel actually has had more owners than the current one let on, moreover, it’s older and has had more work done on it. The Abstract of Title can, in a very real way, help you to save money. 

Other Ways to Find Vessel Info at Our Site 

The Abstract of the Title provides a plethora of vessel information. However, it’s not the only way to acquire vessel information through our site. You can also conduct a vessel documentation search here, should you have a vessel’s Official Number or HIN (Hull Identification Number). With this search, you’ll learn the vessel’s dimensions, tonnage measurements, its name, as well as when its Certificate of Documentation was issued and when it will expire. Requesting a “Foreign Vessel Title Search Request//Transcript of Registry” can provide further vessel information about vessels in the Caymans, the UK, Bermuda, Canada, and elsewhere. 

Abstract of Title Boat

Your Maritime Documentation Center 

The Abstract of the Title for a Boat is often used by potential vessel owners to learn more about a potential purchase. Hopefully, you find the vessel that you’ve always wanted. Should you do so (and should it measure more than five net tons/be wholly owned by an American citizen) we can help you with all of the vessel documentation that you may need throughout the course of owning your vessel. Through our site, you can document your vessel, renew that documentation, file for a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage, and much more.