What You Can Learn From a Vessel Documentation Lookup

There are many reasons to conduct a vessel Documentation Lookup but if you own a boat, it’s a good idea to do so now and then to ensure that all of your relevant information is correct and up to date. Whether you use your vessel for sailing, fishing or some other adventure, looking it up regularly is a good way to take care of the boat and make sure that it’s legal and will serve you well for many years to come. Wondering what you can find when you do a lookup? Read below to find out. 

Who is The Registered Owner

Not only can you use the lookup system to ensure that your boat is registered correctly in your name, but you can also use it to look up the name of the owner of any other boat you want information about. You will need the vessel identification number to proceed, but once it’s been put into the system, you can find out the name and other information about the current owner. This can be helpful if you are looking to buy a boat and want to know more about it before you purchase it. 

Boat’s Make and Model

A vessel lookup will also tell you certain details about the boat itself. That includes the make and model. This search will also give you information about when the boat was manufactured, how much it cost to build, and what other information people have requested about the vessel. You might also find the date the boat was built, and in some cases, might be able to access photos so you can verify that the make and information is correct. 

The Boat Length

Using the online lookup tool is a fast and easy way to determine the length of a boat, which is great if you are considering buying it and need more information before you make a decision. If you have specific length requirements, this can help you narrow the search to boats that meet your specifications, which saves time when you’re planning to buy. Again, you will need the boat’s registration number, which is found on the hull, to conduct the search.

Documentation Lookup

Hull Identification Number (HIN)

All watercraft have a unique Hull Identification Number that helps identify it. If you need that number, you can use the vessel lookup tool to find it. With this number, you can find out if the boat has been involved in any emergencies or accidents, as well as if it has any outstanding liens or mortgages. This number is also used to let you know if the boat has been stolen. Finding out more about a boat using its HIN is a fast and easy way to determine if it’s one you want to continue looking at, or if it’s time to move on to another vessel. 

The vessel documentation lookup tool is a handy resource for boat owners and anyone who wants to buy a boat. It’s easy to use and can provide you with important information about a specific vessel. If you need to know more or have any questions, contact the Vessel Registrar Center today. We’re here to help.