What You Can Find With a USCG Vessel Search

Have you been trying to find out more information about a particular vessel? Do you want to do so quickly and easily? The truth is that, when it comes to researching vessels, you can’t be too careful. Unfortunately, there are plenty online who provide false information. Thus, it makes sense to go to a source you can trust: the USCG. Here at our site, you can conduct a USCG vessel search to learn more pertinent information about a vessel. Beyond that, we have other ways you can search for vessel info, too. 

Our USCG Vessel Search 

Conducting a search through our site is as easy as can be. All you have to do is to click on the “Documented Vessel Search at Vessel Registrar Center” and then enter a vessel’s HIN (Hull Identification Number) or Official Number. It really is that easy. As our site has been optimized for mobile devices, you can conduct this search from anywhere at any time. 

What This Search Provides 

This search can provide you with a vessel’s name, its service type when it was completed, its call sign (should it have one), and its status. You’ll also learn the vessel’s dimensions, such as its breadth, depth, and length, all measured in feet.  This search can also turn up information about a vessel’s Certificate of Documentation, specifically the date that was issued and when it is set to expire. 

How to Find Out About the Managing Owner of a Vessel and More 

You may have read the above paragraph and thought: “That all sounds great, but I was actually looking for info about a vessel’s managing owner.” That information was removed from these searches years ago. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find that information. Instead of a search, what you’re going to want to do is to request an Abstract of Title. That form will contain information about the Managing Owner, yes, but it will also contain information about the vessel’s complete chain of ownership, if there are any liens/encumbrances against the vessel, and whether or not they were satisfied, too. 

Info About Vessels Overseas 

Additionally, if you want to find out information about select vessels overseas, you can do that through our site as well. To do so, request a “Foreign Vessel Title Search/Transcript of Registry.” That can provide you with more info about vessels in Bermuda, Canada, the UK, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands. 

USCG Vessel Search

A Place for Vessel Documentation 

Many who use the services and documents mentioned above do so in pursuit of more information about a particular vessel they have their eye on. Should you choose to purchase a vessel, you can find essentially all of the forms you need to apply for initial documentation and maintain it at our site as well. Additionally, you can find the forms to apply for a mortgage, and so much more as well. Good luck with your USCG vessel search.