What You Can Do With Vessel Tracking by Vessel Name and More

The United States Coast Guard database has information on essentially every registered vessel. When you search through it, you can find the info that you’re looking for. Are you searching for information about a vessel that you’re interested in purchasing? It’s there. Do you want to make sure that the information about your own vessel is up to date? You can find that in the database, too. At our site, we offer an easy and quick way to do vessel tracking by vessel name and so much more. We see it as one more service that we can offer to our clients. 

Vessel Tracking by Vessel Name Process 

The first thing to do is to go to our site. Then, click on the link that says “Vessel Search” on the left. This is fairly far down on the left side of the page. At that point, you’ll be brought to the page where you’ll type in the name of the vessel. Of course, you want to be as specific as possible. If you only remember some of the vessel’s name, you might get several similar responses. For example, if the vessel were named “Ocean Breeze 4” or something, and you typed in “Ocean Breeze,” you might get several other vessels, including ones which just incorporated “Ocean Breeze” into their longer name. 

Searching Without the Name 

Sometimes, you don’t know the name of the vessel that you might be searching for. That’s perfectly acceptable, too. All you have to do is type in the official number of the vessel. Remember, with our access to the database here, you only need one or the other. You don’t need them both. As long as you have either the vessel’s name or the vessel’s official number, you can complete a search. 

A Word About the Information 

If you’re like many people who use this search function, you might be checking to see if some particular kind of documentation that you sent in went through. You might have gotten all of the paperwork done with, performed the search, only to find that it doesn’t say anything about the documentation you know you completed. Something to remember: this information is updated every quarter. It’s not updated every day, or even every week, but rather, every quarter. So, if you sent your info in and it’s the middle of a quarter, then your documentation may still have registered. Rather, it just means that it hasn’t been a new quarter yet. 

Getting Your Vessel Into a Search 

Of course, for your vessel to show up in one of these searches, you have to send in your documentation. That’s where we come in. When you go through our site, we can make sure that your vessel documentation is entirely taken care of. Should you need initial documentation, or to have yours renewed or anything else, message us through the site or call  (800) 535-8570.