What USCG Documented Vessel Search Will Reveal?

A certificate of documentation is a vital document, especially if you are using your boat commercially. You might have heard about USCG’s documented vessel search. Do you wonder what it is? Will it reveal personally identifiable information? Are you worried that you will be traced when someone enters your boat’s hull number in the search tool? 

What Can You See When Conducting USCG Documented Vessel Search

As of 2018, this search will not reveal personally identifiable information. It means that the owner’s name and address will not be shown. If people want to know your name as the managing owner of the boat, then they may need to request an official USCG Abstract of Title. 

Vessel Name 

Even if your name does not appear on the search, there are still vital details about your boat that will be revealed. One is the vessel’s name. It is the legal name of your boat registered with the USCG. 

Official Number

Each documented vessel is assigned a unique official number. It serves as a primary identifier for the vessel within the USCG’s database. 

Hull Identification Number (HIN)

If available, the search may provide the boat’s Hull Identification Number. This alphanumeric code is often used to identify boats. It is similar to a vehicle’s VIN. 

Vessel Type

Information about the type of vessel will be included. The information can range from commercial ships and fishing vessels to recreational boats and yachts. 

Vessel Specifications

The search results also include details about the boat’s specifications, such as its size, tonnage, draft, and propulsion type. 

Documentation Status 

The search will indicate the boat’s documentation status, including whether it is actively documented with the USCG or if the documentation has expired. 

Notices and Alerts 

If there are outstanding alerts or notices related to the boat, like overdue documentation renewals or safety concerns, these details may be included. 

The level of detail available in a vessel search can vary based on the source and the purpose of the search. 

What Can You Do with the Information? 

Once you obtain the search results from the search, you can use it for a variety of purposes. How you use it will still depend on your specific needs and interests. But most people would conduct this search to verify ownership. This is especially vital if you are buying a boat or engaging in any transaction involving the vessel. 

Legal Transactions 

If you are buying or selling a vessel, the search results provide essential documentation information that can be used in legal contracts. The information will also be used to draft bills of sale and ownership transfers. 

Insurance Purposes 

Insurance companies often request vessel documentation details to provide or adjust coverage. Accurate information is vital for determining insurance premiums and coverage levels. 

Legal Disputes 

In the event of legal disputes or litigation related to a vessel, the search results can serve as critical evidence in court. It aids in the resolution of legal matters

USCG Documented Vessel Search

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