What To Do If a Dealer Refuses to Give You a Bill of Sale form?

As the owner of a USGC vessel, you understand the significance of having a completed Bill of Sale form on hand. What if the boatyard you bought it from flat-out refuses to provide you with one? Have no fear; you can still do many things to safeguard yourself and your investment. As the proud owner of a USGC vessel, you have put in a lot of time and effort to ensure that your yacht is in top condition. 

Knowing the weight of duty that comes with boat ownership, you don’t take the helm lightly. You know, a bill of sale form from the dealer who sold you the boat is required for registration and insurance purposes. What, however, if the vendor flat-out refuses to offer you one? Here are some suggestions to help you receive the bill of sale you require:

Remain Professional and Polite

You don’t want to do anything that could offend your dealer or impede the natural progression of the sales process. Maintaining your composure and showing consideration for others is essential in this scenario because you do not want to provoke the person with all the power. You never know when you may need their services again, and they may not like getting burnt by a dissatisfied client. It is crucial to remember this while dealing with a car dealership since you never know when you might need their services again. 

Maintain a pleasant demeanor and communicate your requirements in detail while giving opportunities for discussion. Respect the dealer at all times, even when you feel like yelling at them or are dissatisfied with them. Remember that they may be unaware of the significance of supplying a bill of sale form.

Contact USGC Customer Service To Obtain a Boat Bill Of Sale Form

According to tufts.edu, you can count on assistance from the USGC. Please contact us as soon as possible if the dealer you purchased the item from refuses to provide you with a bill of sale form. You can contact our customer service department by email or calling them, and we will immediately provide you with a proof of sale form. When you come to gamble with us, our staff will be available to ensure that you have everything you require to have a good time in a secure environment. 

We process thousands of these forms every year and are aware that it can be aggravating when dealers appear uncooperative; however, we guarantee that we will do everything in our power to make your experience as pleasurable as possible. Our employees are aware that issues of this nature are not uncommon, and we do not want anyone to experience any feelings of discomfort when considering getting in touch with us for assistance.

Get Written Documentation

Get anything in writing from the individual refusing to provide the Bill of Sale form, whether it’s an email, text message, or letter. The written correspondence may be used as evidence that no Bill of Sale form was provided in case of a dispute over the transaction. If you need to report anything to the police or file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office, having this paperwork on hand will assist immensely. Some dealerships may delay providing this by claiming they can’t locate the necessary papers and would need to get them from a different state agency.

Most car dealerships don’t bother about the paperwork required to transport autos over state lines since they do it often. They will not have all of the necessary documentation if the transfer has not been finalized. Make a kind request that they keep searching until they locate the documents, or wait until someone from another state office can deliver them what they need. If you contact them ahead to let them know you’ll be picking up the automobile, they may even be able to fax it to you.

Bill of Sale Form

Seek Legal Assistance If Necessary

You may need to see an attorney if you can’t find the appropriate bill of sale form. Since many jurisdictions now offer digital forms for everything conceivable, the first step is to inquire with your state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV) about whether or not they have a bill of sale form. If you can’t find the form online or reside in a state where paper forms are still preferred, contact your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to request a paper copy be sent to you. If you don’t know what kind of bill of sale you need, you should speak with a local attorney focusing on real estate law to find out. After that, you can either do it on your own or see an attorney to have a form made specifically for your situation so that everyone is on the same page.

If you’ve bought a boat, the dealer will likely ask for your driver’s license to fill out a Bill of Sale form. If something happens to that form or you need another copy, contact the Maritime Documentation Center at 800-535-8570 today.