What Our Boat Documentation Search for Websites Taught us

Have you been on the hunt for a vessel documentation site that does everything you want it to? Did you type the words “boat documentation search” into your browser only to not be able to find anything you like? We have, quite literally, been there. Before we created the Maritime Documentation Center, we looked at all of the other sites that claimed to offer vessel documentation online. We saw what worked and we saw what did not (we saw far, far more of the latter). So, we constructed our site with a few ideas in mind. 

The Vessel Owner Should Always Be Put First 

This should seem obvious, yet it wasn’t. Vessel documentation, by its very nature, can be difficult to parse. Folks who own vessels, who use them for recreational or commercial purposes, usually don’t have the time or the inclination to deal with documentation. So, we made sure everything from our site was designed with the owner in mind. You can use our site to fill out each of these forms in just a few minutes, provided you have the information you need in front of you. Moreover, with our mobile-optimization, you can fill them out from anywhere if you’re connected to the internet. 

A Vessel Documentation Site Must Run Quickly and Be Secure 

Asking someone to send you their information is a responsibility. We would never do that unless we had security in place that could completely protect it. By always using the best security tech possible, we’re able to provide our customers with not just documentation, but peace of mind as well. That said, a site that’s utterly secure yet runs slowly isn’t going to be very useful to vessel owners either. That’s why we also make sure that our site runs as quickly as possible, too. 

Every Necessary Form Must Be Available 

To truly be a “documentation center,” we believe that a site should have many different forms of documentation. To that end, we’ve included just about every form that a vessel owner could need throughout the course of their vessel ownership. We have the forms for the initial research phase (the Abstract of Title and the Foreign Vessel Title Search Request) as well as the initial registration, renewal of that registration, and so much more. 

A Place for a Boat Documentation Search and More 

Every site we looked at said, “you have to renew your documentation once a year.” Yet, they didn’t do anything to help the vessel owner. So, at our site, we offer a service that makes it possible for you to renew your documentation for up to the next five years. Instead of having to go year by year, we’ll take care of it for you at an additional fee. It’s one more way that we can offer the best, most comprehensive documentation center for vessel owners like you. To see all that we have or to take to a member of our staff, head to our site or call (800) 535-8570.