What is US Coast Guard Documentation?

One of the questions we get asked more often at the Maritime Documentation Center is what is US Coast Guard Documentation? For that reason, we have decided to create this article, to further explain what that means. Basically, a boat that was registered with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) is referred to as a documented vessel. Once the owner has completed the application and paid for the costs, he will be issued a certificate of documentation, which will serve a crucial part of the ownership experience. Read on if you want to find out more about the subject.

Advantages of Documenting Your Boat With The United States Coast Guard

In other words, the US Coast Guard documentation is the formal document in which the USCG formally recognizes a vessel as one, within the American jurisdiction. This will involve significant advantages and some obligations. Let us show then what the paperwork procedure involves and some of the extra perks that connect with having a documented vessel.

The first one of those is navigating abroad: if your boat is not documented with the United States Coast Guard, you will only be allowed to travel the vessel internationally if you have been registered in that country. The US Coast Guard has treaties with other countries that permit us to travel abroad if you have previously documented your boat with them.

You Will Have Your Boat Insured

Let us keep going through the advantages of documenting your boat: insurance. As soon as you register your boat with the US Coast Guard, your vessel will be automatically insured. Furthermore, it will carry a State Hull Bond, that will protect your boat from non-covered damages like sinking or colliding with another vessel.

We suggest you take some time when deciding what coverage to choose, as there are twenty-eight different kinds of coverage available for documented boats. On the other hand, you can always ensure your boat privately, with a firm that specializes in recreational marine insurance.

Your Vessel Will Be Kept Safe

Keeping your boat adequately maintained and with its functions at the top level is a condition when you want your US Coast Guard Documentation. For that reason, if you are registered with the agency you will automatically qualify for an annual safety inspection. It is carried out by the US Coast Guard experts themselves and it will allow you to be safe around your boat and to have a guarantee that the vessel is not damaged and can properly navigate.

In addition to that, the recorded boats must have a working fire extinguisher on board, so this might help you to avoid fire as well. Plus, the USCG may conduct unannounced yearly inspections to prevent bad practices.

Us Coast Guard Documentation

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We hope this article has helped you with everything you need to know about US Coast Guard Documentation. If you are still uncertain about what you need or how the process works, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Maritime Documentation Center. We pride ourselves on helping customers with the paperwork they need to have their vessels documented. Just fill out any of our forms and we will soon contact you!