What is the USCG?

There are many facets to the U.S. government, and each department and service has different roles and responsibilities. The military is no different, and the various branches of the military operate both as a unit and independently. While most people may hear about the military and immediately think of the services like the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines and all they do, another branch exists that plays a vital role in the safety and security of this country. If you are wondering – just what is the USCG? – you should learn more about the function of the Coast Guard, what they do, and how they can be there to assist you as a boat owner.

The Role of the USCG

USCG stands for the United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard was established in 1915 as an active branch of the military. Currently, the Coast Guard falls under the responsibility of the Department of Homeland Security. The Coast Guard is unique and stands apart from the other parts of the military because they have multiple responsibilities. While like the other branches they are responsible for the safety and security of the nation and can be deployed and called to defend, the Coast Guard also serves as a law enforcement agency, covering both domestic and international waters to make sure laws are upheld. The Coast Guard provides services such as search and rescue, ports and coastal security, maritime safety, marine environmental protection, and much more.

Other Services of the USCG

As a boat owner, it is important for you to learn just what is the USCG and how their activities pertain to you. The Coast Guard provides all the safety regulations and laws you must follow as a boat owner and operator. They not only will be there to assist you should you ever run into trouble while out in domestic waters, but they also operate the agencies that you may need to deal with as a boat owner. The National Vessel Documentation Center, or NVDC, falls under the auspices of the Coast Guard. This center keeps track of the database of all registered vessels in the United States, and any paperwork that you may need to file as a federally registered boat owner will go through them for approval.

Working with the USCG

Now that you know the answer to what is the USCG, you may wonder how you can work with them when it comes to your vessel registration. Here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we are here to bridge the gap between boat owners and the USCG. As a third-party company unaffiliated with the Coast Guard, we work to facilitate and file paperwork with the Coast Guard on behalf of owners like yourself. Our website offers all the forms you may need to register with the USCG so you can complete information online and send it to us. We proof your information and send it to the Coast Guard for more efficient and effective processing for you, making everything simpler for you to do.