What Is The Easiest Way To Obtain USCG Documentation Forms?

USCG Documentation Forms

If you are using your boat for recreational purposes only, you do not need to register it federally. The United Coast Guard does not mandate owners of a recreational boat to document their vessel. But they do encourage it. Why? USCG documentation offers plenty of benefits, especially if you like to travel in international waters. The Certificate of Documentation (COD) is your boat’s nationality. It facilitates clearance when you go to foreign waters. It also provides protection by the US flag.

How to get started?

If it is the first time for the boat to be documented, you need to seek endorsement. After that, you should obtain USCG documentation forms that you could easily obtain and download at Maritime Documentation Center.  When you are done filling out the forms and submitting them, we will forward the accurate form to our evaluators. In this way, every detail you provide is correct. It will also prevent rejection of application because of inaccurate details. Filling out the USCG documentation forms correctly is vital. Some ship owners who submit their vessel documentation experience difficulty in being approved because of deficiencies in their forms. The result? They have to wait for weeks or months because they need to re-submit the forms. Worse, they have to repay the fees. Bear in mind that the fees you pay are non-refundable. For that reason, we encourage you to use our USCG documentation service. In that way, you will not experience any delay in processing your application. You can also avoid repaying the fees.

obtain USCG Documentation Forms

USCG Documentation Forms

Our Marine Documentation Center is an online portal. We are not United Coast Guard. Instead, we are a third-party service that helps you obtain USCG documentation forms and speed up your vessel documentation process. In that way, you will never experience a delay.  Completing the vessel documentation process on your own is time-consuming. With the use of our service, you can just fill out the form, submit it and allow our trained evaluators to review your forms before sending it to the United Coast Guard. Because of the speed, you get when hiring our vessel documentation service, you can easily apply for a loan to finance your boat purchase. Keep in mind that most lenders recommend the boat to be documented. They also recommend the use of a third-party documentation service to hasten the process. To start documenting your boat, please head over to our Initial Documentation page . For additional information, please call us at (800) 535-8570 or send an email to info@usvesselregistrar.us