What Forms Will You Need for A Transfer/Exchange of USCG Documentation?

If you want to buy or sell a vessel, you will need to make the transfer of ownership clear to the US Coast Guard’s documentation center. This group keep all of the details of any US vessel, and any commercial or larger vessels need to be registered with the Coast Guard in order to be fully protected when sailing or conducting business. When you are conducting a purchase or sale, you need the correct forms to successfully conduct a transfer or exchange of USCG documentation relating to that particular vessel. Knowing more about the particular types of form that you have to use in order to make the exchange legal can help you to manage the process with less stress, and get the right documents submitted at the first attempt.

Making Use of The Bill of Sale

This form is provided to the purchaser of the vessel by the former owner and provides the evidence you leave that you are the purchaser of the boat. If you are the seller, then they are an essential document when you are conducting the transfer. Making a sale or a purchase without the exchange of these forms can create a lot of problems for the seller and the purchaser of the boat. The seller needs it to show that they have sold the boat, in case of later incidents involving the vessel, and the buyer needs it to demonstrate that they have bought the boat, and not obtained it through fraudulent or illegal means. The bill of sale is a document that demonstrates the transaction has been conducted legally and provides an official document that the transfer has occurred.

Other Transfer Options

Another important element to transferring or exchanging documentation on a vessel is when something occurs to change the nature of the ownership, even without a sale. For example, if you have satisfied the mortgage on the vessel, then you will need to complete the transfer in order to establish full ownership of the boat. In another example, if you marry, then you will need to change the ownership part of your document. As with all other types of transactions which affect ownership, you will need to fill in USCG documentation.

Use Our Help to Make the Transfer

Many boat owners find that they need real help with their paperwork, and this is particularly true when applying for a transfer or exchange of USCG documentation, because the rules around ownership and selling are so complex. Trying to fill in these forms without help can often lead to mistakes and clear errors, and you may find that the best option is to use a company like the Maritime Documentation Center. We can assist you with all kinds of maritime documents, including those involving transfer and exchange of ownership. Our teams will look at your forms before submission to ensure that you have included all of the necessary information and documentary evidence, so your forms will be accepted at the first attempt.Find out more about how we can help you with your documentation by calling (800) 535-8570 or email info@usvesselregistrar.us today.