What Can You Learn From a Boat Documentation Search?

A boat documentation search can help you find valuable information about your own boat or someone else’s. The database that houses boat information is easy to access and can provide you with important data, whether you want to be sure your boat’s information is up to date or you’re looking at information about a boat you are interested in buying. No matter your reasons, keep reading to find out what information a vessel documentation search can provide. 

Information You Will Need

To perform a boat documentation search, you will need certain information about the vessel that allows the database to search for the boat in question and give you the relevant data. The hull identification number or official number is the best thing to use if you have it available to you. Without it, your search will be more difficult to carry out. Keep in mind that results will exactly match what you input, so keep capitalization in mind as you enter the data into the search function. In some cases, you may see incomplete or incorrect information about a boat, so this is vital to keep in mind as well. If the boat is yours, you can take action to correct errors so the database is current. 

What Can You Find with a Documentation Search?

The United States Coast Guard supplies relevant information about a boat that has been filed at the federal level. State information may not be present when you conduct a documentation search. The Coast Guard also cautions that the information shouldn’t be taken as set in stone since some boat owners may not file appropriately or maybe hiding data that they don’t want to be visible in a search. In general, however, you can expect to find the following details about a boat:

  • Ownership facts
  • Preferred mortgage filings
  • Notices of claims of lien
  • Other supplemental data

In addition, you can expect to find an accurate record of all boats that are documented with the United States Coast Guard, as far as those boats have properly submitted all relevant paperwork. If you plan to buy a boat or want to ensure that your boat’s information is correct and current, you can have a look at the abstract of the title, which contains detailed particulars about the boat in question, including origin, ownership, liens, and mortgage information. 

Boat Documentation Search

How to do a Search

Performing a vessel documentation search isn’t a difficult or time-consuming process, provided you do so online. This allows you to use the prompts offered by the system to input the HIN or official number so that you get the accurate data you’re looking for. It takes some of the guesswork out of the process and helps reduce the risk of errors that can slow the process or result in incorrect details. 

Now that you know what happens when you conduct a boat documentation search, you may be ready to give it a go. If you need help facilitating the process or have questions about how it works, you’re in the right place. Contact the US Vessel Registrar today for all of the assistance you need.