What Can You Do with a Certificate of Deletion?

Are you the proud owner of a boat? If so, congratulations! For pure relaxation, nothing beats being out on the broad seas, and boating with a Certificate of Deletion is a fantastic way to do that. On the other hand, if you’re like most boat owners, you probably don’t take it out very frequently. Most of the time, you probably utilize it for leisurely rides around the dock or port. If there was a method to eliminate possible risks while also making more room aboard your yacht, wouldn’t that be great? You can get a “Certificate of Deletion,” and it exists. 

United States Coast Guard (USCG) Vessel Registration systems need a Certificate of Deletion proof that a vessel has been deleted from the system. If you plan on selling your boat, prospective purchasers will want to see proof that it is no longer registered with the US Coast Guard, and this certificate might serve that purpose. Obtaining a Certificate of Deletion and other pertinent information is provided below. Here are reasons why you should consider getting one today.

It’s Easy and Affordable

You may clean up your credit records using a legal document called a Certificate of Deletion. For example, an old, closed account may be removed from your credit record with a Certificate of Deletion. A Certificate of Deletion will have the same impact as other means of deletion, meaning the negative item will be deleted from your credit report, and you may begin over from scratch. The Certificate of Deletion is one of the cheapest and simplest options for doing so. 

A request may be made online in a matter of minutes at the Maritime Documentation Center, and there is no charge unless additional information has to be scrubbed from the report. You’ll need to provide specifics—like your name at the time the record was created—but the general procedure entails just stating your intent to have your information removed. The time it takes to acquire the certificate differs from state to state, but it’s usually not too much of a wait, given that most states’ applications are accessible online and can be printed and sent in like any other form.

It Protects Your Assets

If you do not have one, you risk being held responsible for any damages while your yacht is stored elsewhere or parked at another location. Even though you are spending money to keep it in storage, it is not generating any revenue for you. It may remain unused for many years, causing its value to decrease daily. The cost of repairing it might go into the hundreds of dollars if anything were to go wrong while it was being stored or moored somewhere. 

A Certificate of Deletion is one tool that may assist in protecting your boat from potential issues of this kind. It is also possible that it will assist in safeguarding the value of your boat while it is being stored, as well as when you decide to sell it at some point in the future. Protecting your financial future is crucial, and this helps avoid title fraud and conflicts between you and anybody else who could come for your boat in some manner.

It Prevents Accidents

The fact that it helps avoid unfortunate outcomes is crucial. In light of this evidence, it is clear how important it is to ensure their safety at all times. That’s because doing so reduces the likelihood of unfortunate situations. To clarify, certificates of deletion avoid mishaps since they serve as proof of lawful ownership of a weapon that seems illegal. A firearm without a Certificate of Deletion is a recipe for disaster; not only might its owner be prosecuted for unlawful possession of guns, but the weapon could also be used in a homicide or robbery if it was later linked to the owner. However, having a certificate that details your firearms and where you keep them can eliminate these issues once and for all. Maintaining an up-to-date registration increases the likelihood that authorities will be aware of any potential problems immediately.

What Can You Do with a Certificate of Deletion

With A Certificate of Deletion, You’ll Have More Storage Space

Having one of these will save you from problems in the future and allow you to store your boat in a more convenient location. Proof that a ship has changed hands is found in the Certificate of Deletion (sometimes called a “certificate of sale” or “title document”). An application for a Certificate of Deletion may be filed with the DMV once a vessel has been sold and all related fees have been paid. This implies that the title to your vessel will be returned to the DMV after the clearance process is complete. 

Once you have your Certificate of Deletion, you may park or keep your boat wherever without having to report it to DMV, or if you decide to sell it again, you can use it as proof that it has already been sold. This may save you hundreds of dollars each year if you are a resident of an apartment complex or other location where parking is scarce and costly.

If you’re concerned that you’ve lost or misplaced a Certificate of Deletion for one of your vessels, don’t fret. The Maritime Documentation Center can help. Contact us today at (800)-535-8570 for more details about how we can help!