What a Vessel Search By Name Will Tell You

If you are part of the boating community, you naturally know how important it is to maintain the records on your vessel. Not only will a vessel search by name tell you information about your own boat, but you can also use it to look up data on other boats. This allows you to ensure that your boat’s records are accurate and up to date, as well as find out more about other boats by accessing their records. Keep reading to find out the specifics about what you can find with the vessel search tool.

The Registered Owner

One of the most important things you can find with the vessel search tool is who owns the boat. This will tell you the current owner and is valuable to know if you are looking into a specific boat and want to find out more about its history. It’s also helpful to learn more about a seller if you want to make sure you’re getting into something legitimate when you purchase. 

Boat Make and Model

In addition to owner data, a vessel search will tell you more about the boat itself. This includes the make and model of the boat in question. Perhaps you simply want to know what kind of boat you saw on the water so that you can find something similar to buy. Maybe you want to buy a specific boat and would like to research the make and model for more information about maintenance and the cost of upkeep. Either way, this is valuable for anyone looking to buy a boat. 

The Size of the Boat

A vessel search can also tell you how long a given boat is. This is important since boats of a certain length meet the weight requirements to be registered with the United States Coast Guard. If you’re looking for a boat with a specific length, the vessel search tool can help you narrow your choices before you buy. 

Hull Identification Number

Much like the vehicle identification number (VIN) on your car, truck, or SUV, the hull identification number (HIN) on a boat is where you can find contact information for the owner, as well as report the boat in cases of emergencies or accidents. It’s also how the authorities connect a boat to its owner if it’s been caught being used for illegal activities, such as drug smuggling to fishing without a valid license. 

Vessel Search By Name

Registration State

Using the vessel search tool is also a good way to find out which state the boat is registered in. Again, this is valuable information if you are looking at boats to purchase. It’s also a way to find out more about a vessel that has been reported missing or stolen. 

A vessel search by name is easy to do online. Simply input the name of the boat in question and you can find out the data that you need, including ownership information and identifying numbers associated with the boat. If you need help navigating the process, Vessel Documentation Online is here for you. Contact us today.