Ways Our National Vessel Documentation Center Assists With Life Changes

Have you gone through some changes in your life, such as where you live, and you aren’t sure how they affect your vessel documentation? Are you concerned about staying in compliance with the USCG even as you go through a period of transition? We know that, when life changes, essentially the last thing you want to have to deal with is vessel documentation. To that end, our National Vessel Documentation Center can help you to stay in compliance, come what may. 

When Your Address Changes 

If you recently moved, you may need to submit vessel documentation to the USCG. Specifically, if you moved to a new address than the one that is on your current Certificate of Documentation, then you’re going to need to update that. We make this as easy as possible to go through the “Change of Address” form at our site. As the site of our National Vessel Documentation Center is optimized for mobile you can complete it on any device from anywhere, so even if your internet hasn’t been put in at your new location you can take care of it pronto. 

When It’s time to Change the Name of Your Boat 

Some vessel names last forever, but there are some that, after a while, don’t feel like the right fit. Should that be the case, you can change your vessel’s name through our site. With the “Change of Vessel Name or Hailing Port” form, you can make your name what you want it to be, provided it’s no longer than 33 characters and doesn’t contain or sound like anything obscene/indecent or similar to words used to solicit assistance at sea. 

When You Want to Change How You Use Your Boat 

Maybe you initially documented your vessel just because you wanted to be able to qualify for a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage. Then, perhaps you’ve discovered a commercial fishing opportunity you don’t want to pass up. Should that (or any similar scenario) be the case, then you can use the “Change of Endorsement/Trade Indicator” form at our site. With that, you’ll be able to change your endorsement to “Fishery,” “Recreation,” “Registry” (for foreign trade), or “Coastwise” (for transporting people and/or goods commercially on American waters). 

When It’s Time to Change Owners 

The “Transfer/Exchange” form at our site isn’t just for selling a vessel to a new owner (although it is to be used for that purpose). It can also be used for removing a spouse/partner from ownership or putting one on. Remember: if you are going to transfer owners, you need to either satisfy any mortgages against the vessel or get permission from the mortgagee/lender. 

National Vessel Documentation Center

A National Vessel Document Center That’s Here to Help 

Life’s changes can be unpredictable, even the good ones. When your life does shift course, we can help to make sure that, at least in regards to vessel documentation, there’s only smooth sailing ahead. You can find all of these forms and many others here at our site. Safe travels.