Vessel Documentation Service: Is My Boat Eligible?

Is your boat eligible for vessel documentation? It depends on your boat’s measurement. Typically, if your vessel is over 5 tons, then yes, you can document it with the USCG. The fastest way to do it is by using our vessel documentation service

Vessel Documentation Service in Registering Boats at the Federal Level 

USCG documentation is the most prestigious registration. It gives you multiple benefits and protections. This is especially true if you are traversing in foreign waters. Furthermore, documentation provides a comprehensive record of the vessel’s specifications, ownership history, and other essential details. It ensures compliance with federal regulations and facilitates various maritime activities. 

Eligibility for Vessel Documentation 

To determine if your boat is eligible for vessel documentation, consider the following factors: 

Size and Type 

The size and type of your vessel are key determinants of eligibility. In the US boats measuring at least five net tons, often equal to about 25 feet in length or longer, are typically eligible for federal documentation. However, smaller boats used for commercial purposes may also qualify. 

Purpose of Use

Vessel documentation is available for both recreational and commercial vessels. Recreational boats are often eligible for documentation, while commercial vessels engaged in trade, fishing, or passenger transportation are commonly documented.

 US Citizenship Requirement 

To be eligible for USCG documentation, the vessel owner must be a US citizen or an entity that is at least 51% owned by US citizens. If you are an individual boat owner, you must be a US citizen or a permanent resident to document your boat. 

Mortgages and Liens 

If your boat has an outstanding mortgage or financial liens, it can be documented, but you must meet specific requirements to ensure that these financial interests are properly recorded. 

Clear Title 

The boat should have a clear title, meaning there are no unresolved disputes or legal issues concerning ownership. If there are title issues, they must be addressed before documentation can proceed. 

Other Regulatory Considerations 

Depending on the type and use of your vessel, there may be additional regulatory requirements or restrictions that affect eligibility. For example, fishing vessels have specific eligibility criteria. 

State vs Federal Documentation 

In some cases, you may choose state-level registration instead of federal documentation. This is especially true for smaller boats or those used primarily within state waters. Eligibility criteria may vary by state. 

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Protections for Offshore Cruising

There are tons of benefits of vessel documentation. But it is up to you to decide whether to register it with the state or at the federal level. However, if you want to go offshore cruising, then boat documentation is necessary. It gives you peace of mind when you travel. The reason for this is that it provides your boat nationality. 

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