Vessel Documentation Reinstatement – Step by Step Guide

If you are the owner of a boat registered with the United States Coast Guard, you may ask how to get your vessel papers back. This tutorial will take you through the process of vessel documentation reinstatement step by step so you may accomplish your goal. It is always better to check with the USCG directly to ensure that you follow all necessary processes. Keeping in mind that there may be some special measures needed based on your scenario is important; therefore, it is always best to check with the USCG directly. 

Have you let your USCG paperwork expire? Do you own a yacht for which you do not have the necessary documentation? Are you interested in bringing your vessel into line with the requirements of the US Coast Guard? If that’s the case, then follow this step-by-step advice! In order to get your paperwork with the US Coast Guard back in order, you will need to complete the following steps:

Gather All Required Paperwork

You’ll need the title of your boat, proof of prior registration, and a valid safety certificate. Register your boat by taking these items to the appropriate county or state office. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to pay a charge and fill out some paperwork; be sure you’ve done so before going on. Your next step after registering your boat is to apply for a VIN (VIN). This number will serve as both an invoice to clients for the services of trained maritime specialists and a means of identification when boating on international seas. 

DIYers may learn how to figure out their VIN by checking out this online resource. If you’d rather have some help, you may go to your local DMV or work with a third party such as the Maritime Documentation Center. As part of the vessel documentation reinstatement process, we needed a power of attorney, proof of vessel ownership, and a declaration from the client’s representative stating he understood the requirements.

Complete the Application Form for a Vessel Documentation Reinstatement

It will give you an idea of what information you are expected to present and what will be requested during your meeting with the official. You may have noticed that completing the application for the first time may be done online; however, for future times through the application, you will be required to print it out and sign it in front of you. Because of this, we strongly suggest you bring a hard copy of your initial application with you. This will allow the official to save some time, as they will not need to take any more steps to fill out documents on your behalf. Completing and submitting the application form is the first step in reactivating the documents for your vessel. This will be sent to the relevant department so that it may be processed.

Obtain a Marine Surveyors Inspection Report

A maritime surveyor will examine the boat, during which they will look at all of its systems and general condition. After the inspection, the marine surveyor will submit an inspection report detailing their findings. This is the essential step in purchasing a boat since it enables you to ascertain whether or not any issues that are apparent at first look are significant. When acquiring a vessel, one of the most effective methods to verify that you are receiving precisely what you want is to do your inspection of the boat. 

The more you know about your boat before you buy it, the less likely there will be any surprises when you take ownership of it. It is also a good idea to have someone with boating expertise with you for this procedure. This person will be able to check that everything seems to be in order and will also be able to verify that things are as they appear to be.

Mail-In the Application and Supporting Materials

The other thing you need to do is check that you have all the required vessel documentation reinstatement in your possession. To complete the application, you will need to provide one of the following types of identification: a driver’s license or state ID card, a passport, or an identification card issued by the military. When you register a watercraft for the first time, you must also submit evidence that you are the watercraft owner. This might be a document relating to the property’s title or registration from another state. Last but not least, you must submit confirmation of hull identification. This might be in the form of a boat ORV registration from another state or a marine surveyor certification that describes the boat using its hull number.

Vessel Documentation Reinstatement

Await Approval from The Coast Guard

You first need to sit tight until you get a letter of confirmation from the Coast Guard stating whether or not your application has been approved. You will be required to provide them with information about yourself and your boat, which they will use to assess whether or not this procedure is suitable for you. They will use the information you give them to determine whether or not this procedure is appropriate for you. If they decide to go through with it, they will confirm their decision in writing and provide a date on which they will inspect the boat in the letter they send to you if it is approved. You must be sure that these papers contain evidence of ownership, such as your title or registration, so check on that before you sign anything.

When you have a vessel needing documentation, it’s important to know who to talk to. The Maritime Documentation Center has a team of experts ready to help you get back on track with your vessel at 800-535-8570 or directly on their website.