Vessel Documentation: Notice of Claim of Lien Explained

Have you been considering filing a notice of claim of lien against the owner of a documented vessel? This isn’t something to be done lightly. But, for many who are owed money by a documented vessel owner, it’s the best course of action. Here at the Vessel Registrar Center, we’ve helped so many to get the money they were due by helping them to file for a notice of claim of lien. It’s just one of the many forms of vessel documentation we provide better access to. Before filing a notice of claim of lien, there are some factors to keep in mind. 

When You Might Want to File a Lien 

Many file these liens against a documented vessel when they provide something they were to receive money for and did not. Case in point, if crew wages were unpaid, if a charter was breached, if freight/repairs/and so forth were unpaid for, etc. Some may even file a notice of claim of lien when they’re injured on a vessel, and so forth. 

Why This Can Help 

Simply put, this can help you because it can spur the vessel owner to pay you for what you’ve done, what you’ve been through, etc. When a notice of claim of lien is filed, it shows up on the vessel’s abstract of title. Hence, if the vessel owner goes to sell the vessel, a potential buyer could see that lien and decide to look elsewhere. Here at our site, you can find everything you need to be able to file one of these liens with the USCG. 

What to Keep in Mind About These Liens 

The above having been said, just because you’ve filed a notice of claim of lien does not mean that the lien is enforceable, that you’re going to receive your money, and so forth. For starters, the claim’s merits must be proper, they must be valid, etc. Simply by filing a notice of claim of lien through our site does not mean that your lien is going to be enforced. Always, we recommend that, before anyone files a notice of claim of lien against a vessel, they make sure to consult with a maritime attorney ahead of time. That way, you can know all of your options and which is right for your situation. 

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Vessel Documentation for Vessel Owners 

It’s understandable that you may be reticent to file a notice of claim of lien. Our goal is to make every portion of the boat documentation process easier, including filing for a notice of claim of lien. Thus, through our site, you can file this form through our site from essentially anywhere, on any kind of device. Moreover, you can file many, many other boat documentation forms in addition to a notice of claim of lien. Hopefully, you don’t have to file a notice of claim of lien, because owners of documented vessels pay you what you’re owed when you’re owed it. In the vent that they don’t, this form and others are accessible through our site.