Use A Marine Documentation Service To Renew USCG Documentation

A USCG documentation is a requirement for vessels that engaged in certain trades. It can also serve as a proof of ship nationality. Plus, it enables the ship to be subject to Preferred Mortgages. However, the USCG does not provide certification to any ship. It requires the boat to be at least five net tons to be qualified for USCG documentation. Furthermore, the vessel must be owned by a US citizen. Applying for this documentation can be a difficult task. You have to fill out several forms. It can be confusing as to which form to use for a particular application. Thus, we recommend the use of our marine documentation service to renew USCG Documentation. Maritime Documentation Service is not the US Coast Guard. We’re not the National Vessel Documentation Center either. Instead, we’re a third-party service that makes it easier for ship owners to document their vessels.

Do you need to document your vessel if it’s less than five net tons?

The United States Coast Guard only documents ships that are five net tons or over. If your ship does not meet that size requirement, you cannot obtain a USCG documentation or a service to renew USCG Documentation.  On the other hand, if your ship meets such criteria but you use your vessel for recreational purposes and not for coastwise trade, then you are not required to document. However, you can opt to document it to take advantage of its benefits. Undocumented vessels that are 16 feet or longer and they are powered by ten horsepower motor must be titled or numbered. Most states require a vessel used for fishing or gathering of seafood to be numbered, regardless of the size of the ship or horsepower.

Service To Renew USCG Documentation

Is The Documented Vessel Exempted From State Registration?

Some states still require documented vessel to be registered with the state. Other states require documentation or registration, but you cannot have both.

Do you process a transfer of documentation?

Our marine documentation service includes transfer or exchange documentation. We have a team of reviewers who will evaluate your requirements before passing them to the USCG.  In that case, you can save money and time. Keep in mind that if you submit incorrect documents, then your application will be delayed or rejected until you meet the requirements.  If you need help or a service to renew USCG Documentation, our marine documentation service can help you out. You simply need to fill out the right form and submit the requirements. We’ll do the rest for you. Give us a call at (800) 535-8570 or send us an email to to let us know any other questions you may have.