USCG number

What Can a USCG Number on Your Commercial Boat Do for You?

As a proud owner of a commercial boat, you know how important the USCG number is, not just for your business but also for safety and compliance. It is one of the aspects that will help you comply with the maritime regulations. What exactly can this number do for you as a commercial boat owner? …

Coast Guard Documentation Search

Conducting a Coast Guard Documentation Search at Vessel Registrar Center

When you research a specific boat, you want to be sure the information you get comes from a reputable source. A Coast Guard boat documentation search with us is a great way to find out what you need to know, which is especially important if you plan to buy a boat. No matter why you…

Coast Guard Vessel Search

What is the Quickest Way to Know Whether or Not the Boat is Documented?

Knowing whether or not a certain boat that you wish to purchase is documented is vital for various purposes. For one, the documentation is issued to comply with the legal requirements. Furthermore, the documentation will facilitate financial transactions. It is also used to verify ownership. There are various ways to confirm a boat’s documentation status.…