USCG Licensing the Better Way

No matter what you are trying to do today, you know that if you must deal with a government entity or department that it is bound to be a frustrating experience. Government at all levels moves notoriously slowly, has cumbersome systems, difficult to read applications, and jargon no one can seem to decipher. On top of that, the departments can take forever to process something, leaving you hanging for weeks or months without any idea of what is going on. Unfortunately, dealing with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) is no different. Like most departments, the Coast Guard is busy, understaffed, and overwhelmed, making it tough when a boat owner like yourself is looking to work through the registration process. You may wish there was a better way to experience USCG licensing. Here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we are here to tell you a better way exists.

USCG licensing

The USCG Process Lags

The Coast Guard process can be challenging, to say the least. Many of the registration forms can be downloaded from their website, but you must fill them out in pen by hand. You need to read through the forms, so you are sure you are providing current, accurate information regarding yourself and your vessel. The language used can be a bit confusing at times. Once you are done filling everything out, you then need to include your supporting documents, such as proof of citizenship and your payment for the application, then mail it all to the National Vessel Documentation Center in West Virginia. You are then left at the mercy of the Coast Guard to process everything, with no way for you to know what is happening.

We Have Changed Licensing

At the Maritime Documentation Center, we have turned USCG licensing on its head. We created a unique website that acts as a secure portal for boat owners looking to fill out documents for the Coast Guard. We have all the forms you may need for anything you would have to file with the Coast Guard, including those for initial registration and registration renewal. You can sit at your computer and see everything clearly, read it, and fill it out by typing. You can then upload scanned documents and supporting files, fill out your payment information, and send it all to us. You will be done with it all in minutes.

The Best Way to the USCG

With our help here at the Maritime Documentation Center, you have the best way to get USCG licensing for your boat. Once we transmit everything to the USCG for you, we can help track its progress for you so that you know when you can expect to get your certificate in the mail. We can even automate renewal for you, so you never have to worry about forgetting to file each year to keep your registration active. Look at our website today so you can see how easy it is to use. You will be thankful that you found a streamlined way to work with the Coast Guard from now on.