USCG Documentation Transfer Exchange Explained

We have a lot of different applications on our site. Many of them deal with your initial vessel documentation, documentation renewal and Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentations. However, we also have other applications that cover a wide base of actions for your vessel. Some of our customers have asked us about these applications, wondering when they might come in handy. The USCG Documentation Transfer Exchange application can come in handy when you sell your boat or when you buy a new one. In this blog, we’ll go over these applications and how we can help make using them easier.

Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation

These applications are designed for you to transfer the vessel’s ownership to essentially anyone you want. To be clear, when we say the word “transfer,” we’re essentially using it as a synonym for “change.” These applications make it simple to change who is actually the vessel’s owner. Often, these applications are used when someone sells their vessel. The old owner takes their name off the vessel’s documentation, and the new owner puts their name on it. It’s important to note that the “new owner” doesn’t have to be a person, as it can be a company or trust as well. Also, the vessel must be fully owned by a United States citizen.

When Life Changes

Sometimes, life events occur unexpectedly. Things seemed to be going one way, and then all of a sudden, they take a sharp turn. These applications can make it easier to deal with life’s detours, particularly when it comes to your vessel documentation. For example, these applications provide a section where you can remove or add a spouse to the vessel’s ownership. When life throws you a curveball, we have the easy-to-use documentation that allows you to react.

What to Keep in Mind

These applications aren’t the only things you need to transfer to a new owner, usually. An example of this would be the selling of a vessel that has an outstanding mortgage. The transfer of the Certificate of Documentation cannot occur legally until that mortgage is paid, or the lender has given their explicit permission. On top of that, the vessel usually has to weigh at least five net tons. Yes, some oil spill response vessels do have an exception carved out, but they’re quite rare. Unsure if your vessel is at least five net tons and don’t feel like getting it weighed? Measure it. If it’s more than 25 feet, it almost assuredly weighs the five net tons.

A Documentation Center for You

We allow you to handle your vessel documentation changes quickly. You can fill out these applications in just a few clicks. Then, our specialist team will look over your applications thoroughly. If there are any errors, we’ll catch them and fix them before we pass them on to the relevant authorities. That way, you never have to worry about your applications being sent back. Learn more at our site or by calling (800) 535-8570.