USCG Documentation for the Changes in Your Life

Has your life recently gone through changes that may affect the information on your Certificate of Documentation? Are you looking for a quick, easy way to update the info on your certificate with the powers that be? Here at the Vessel Registrar Center, we always aim to do everything in our power to make updating your info easier on vessel owners such as yourself. To that end, there are many USCG documentation forms that we offer which allow you to stay in compliance. 

Change of Address 

The USCG has an address on file with your documentation. If you move out of that address to another, you have to update that. Here, at our site, you can find the form to do exactly that. Since we understand you probably don’t want to have to carve time out of your busy day to complete these forms, we’ve optimized our site, making it more responsive. As such, you’ll be able to complete this form (as well as any others) from any device no matter where you are. That way, you can fill out these forms when and how you’d like.

Change of Trade Indicator/Endorsement 

Many documented vessel owners discover, in time, that they want to change how they use their vessel. Perhaps their vessel initially had a “Recreational” endorsement but then they were presented with a golden opportunity to use that vessel for commercial fishing operations. Or, alternatively, maybe they were using their vessel for transporting goods throughout the navigable waters of the United States and then were given a chance to transport goods through international trade. If you’ve decided to change your vessel’s endorsement, you can do so with this form. 


In time, you may decide to change the managing owner of your vessel. Perhaps you’re selling it to someone new. Alternatively, maybe you’re adding a spouse to the vessel ownership group, removing one, and so forth. When you want to make changes to the vessel ownership, you’re going to want to use the “Transfer/Exchange” form at our site. Remember, with a documented vessel, you can’t just sell a vessel with a “bill of sale” form. Also: you can’t transfer ownership of a vessel that has an outstanding mortgage on it without satisfying the mortgage or getting the permission of the mortgagee. 

USCG documentation

USCG Documentation for Wherever the Journey Takes You 

Those are just some of the forms that we offer for when there are changes to your vessels’ documentation. Additionally, we have forms for changing the name of your vessel, its hailing port, and more. That said, we also have plenty of forms that, instead of helping you to change what’s on your documentation, they enable you to maintain it. As such, you can find the forms for vessel documentation renewal (for up to five years), reinstatement, (if necessary) and many others. If there’s USCG vessel documentation that could be of assistance to your vessel, you may very well be able to find it at our site.