USCG Certificate of Documentation: Getting it and Keeping It

Do you feel like it’s time to get a USCG Certificate of Documentation, but don’t know where to start? Does it seem like all of the places that you could find one online aren’t all that easy to use? We’re vessel owners just like you. When we went looking for somewhere to handle our documentation, we couldn’t find anything that we liked. Those are some of the major reasons that we started the Maritime Documentation Center. At our site, we make the entire process sample for busy vessel owners. 

A USCG Certificate of Documentation in Minutes 

At our site, you can complete and send in your vessel documentation information in just a few minutes. To be clear, we’re saying “just a few minutes” in “like fifteen to twenty or so,” so long as you have all of the pertinent information in front of you. That’s just how quick it can be. On our secure platform, you can type in all of the info very quickly. To do so even faster, just fill in the parts with the red asterisks. In a half-hour or less, you could have sent in your documentation. We always work quickly to make sure our customers get their forms back fast. To expedite the process even further, you can choose “rush processing” to go to the top of our queue. 

Why It’s So Important 

Simply put, so that you can use your vessel how you want. For example, if you’re engaging in Coastwise trade or Fishery, you need registration with those endorsements to be able to legally make money. The last thing you need for your aquatic business is to run afoul of the Coast Guard. Additionally, if you’re engaging in foreign trade, having a Registry endorsement can go a long way. With these forms, you’ll always be in control of using your vessel how you would like to. 

What Happens if You Lose Your Physical Copy 

You need to get another one. That’s not just us saying that; that’s the law. These days, just about all of us have a picture of our documents on our phone or a photocopy in a file cabinet somewhere. That’s not good enough when it comes to your Certificate of Documentation. You need to have the actual certificate. If you lost yours or if it was otherwise mutilated, that’s OK. Getting a replacement is simple and easy through our site. 

Renewal, Reregistration, and More 

We don’t just help you to get the initial documentation. You can also renew your documentation through us, too. In fact, you can renew it for up to five years. That way, you don’t have to worry about renewing your documentation for a long time to come. Additionally, should you have forgotten to renew your documentation, we’ve got your back there, too. You can reregister your documentation at our site as well, so that you can go back to using your vessel in the manner you would like. For more questions: (800) 535-8570.