US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation on Boat Safety this Valentine’s Day

Are you planning on taking your beloved out on the water this Valentine’s Day? Maybe there’s an unseasonably warm and pleasant day in your neck of the woods, and you want to get out on your vessel while it lasts? If you have a boat, you want to be out on it. That’s true whether you’re using it for commercial fishing, transporting people and goods, or just having fun with family and friends. While our expertise is US Coast Guard vessel documentation, above all, we want everyone to be safer on the water. There are some things to keep in mind this February. 

US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation 

Hopefully, there’s a day this February in your area where the weather is 70 degrees with little wind. That said, if you take your boat out on the water on such a day, remember: that weather can go bad in a hurry. Even if it’s warm as you’re uncovering the boat, take the layers you would wear in sub-zero degree temperatures with you. Worst to worst, they sit on your boat, and you take them back into your home without wearing them. However, should the weather turn and you’re far from land, you’ll greatly appreciate having the right layers for the temperature. 

Nothing More Romantic Than Proper Safety 

Taking your beloved out on the water for a Valentine’s Day boat ride can be incredibly romantic. However, even on such an outing, you want to make sure to take safety precautions. No matter the reason for the boat outing, make certain you have life jackets that fit over your layers, as well as multiple ways to contact those on land, appropriate amounts of gasoline, and more. 

The Importance of a Float Plan (Particularly If It’s Just the Two of You) 

For most of us, when we go out on the water, we leave our float plan (where we’re going, how long we’ll be there, when we’ll be back, etc.) with our spouse/partner. However, when it’s just the two of you going out on the water for a romantic boat ride, then you might think “eh, I don’t have to leave my float plan with anybody.” Really, this is the time when you have to do it more than ever. Make sure to leave someone you trust a detailed float plan before you go out for Valentine’s Day. 

Always a Good Time to Complete US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation 

At the Maritime Documentation Center, we understand that there’s little romance about vessel documentation. That said, many of our vessel owners take care of all of their vessel documentation during February or other winter months. Why? Because that way, it’s all taken care of when the weather turns nice again in the spring and summer. At our site, we’ll have all of the forms you need for the course of owning your vessel. Should you have any questions, we’ll answer them at (800) 535-8570 or fill out our contact form.