US Coast Guard Documentation You Need to Buy a Vessel

When you are ready to purchase a vessel, there are many processes that you must do first. For example, ensuring that your vessel is correctly registered and classed with the US Coast Guard documentation is a critical step. The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is a federal law enforcement and homeland security agency of the United States federal government responsible for maritime law enforcement and homeland security. The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is responsible for the safety of US waterways and the protection of US interests in international waters. If you are considering purchasing a vessel, it is critical to understand the documents needed by the United States Coast Guard. This article will go through the paperwork you’ll need to acquire a vessel and register it with the United States Coast Guard.

Bill of Sale

Unless you are acquiring the vessel from a friend or family member, the bill of sale is necessary for the United States Coast Guard to issue a certificate of title for the vessel. This document demonstrates that you are the legal owner of the motor vessel, sailboat, or houseboat, following the relevant state laws and maritime code. Most importantly, this certificate proves that the previous owner had no outstanding debts on the yacht when it was sold. This is a very significant piece of documentation. Moreover, you must have this document in your possession when you submit your application to the Coast Guard to have your vessel inspected for the last time.

US Coast Guard Documentation You Need to Buy a Vessel

Vessel Registration Application as one of the US coast guard documentation

If you plan to acquire a boat or ship, you will need to fill out a Vessel Registration Application according to This application registers your vessel with the United States Coast Guard and provides a number. If you’re purchasing a fishing boat or pleasure ship smaller than 26 feet in length, you don’t have to fill out this application. For anything larger than 26 feet (or any sea-going vessel), there are particular conditions that the vessel must follow before it may be registered with the United States Coast Guard (USCG). This information will be included in the Vessel Registration Application, sent to your local United States Coast Guard office by postal mail. Include the vessel’s name, manufacturer, constructor, or serial number, the kind of engine(s), the vessel’s overall length, breadth, and depth, and the amount of horsepower produced by each of the engines (if any).

Documentation of Hull Identification Number (HIN)

US Coast Guard documentation is required for all boats and ships manufactured in the United States unless operating under a state-issued license. In acquiring a new vessel, one of the first stages is to verify that the vessel’s Hull Identification Number (HIN), commonly known as the manufacturer’s serial number, is registered with the National Vessel Register database. You may find your boat’s HIN written on the paperwork or visibly marked on it in a few different ways. Before selling a vessel, you should verify that your HIN has been registered by the USCG and placed into their database. It’s a simple process that requires you to complete an application and submit it (together with supporting papers) to the United States Coast Guard.

Certificate of documentation

You can acquire your sailboat without a US Coast Guard documentation certificate (COD). However, you may be required to have one to register and acquire insurance for your yacht. With one, you may apply to the US Coast Guard to register your vessel for commercial use in domestic commerce. Before you apply for a COD, you’ll need to gather a few specified papers. When registering a vessel, you must provide the USCG with a bill of sale, a copy of the title, and two passport-sized photographs. Others, such as recreational boats under 15 feet, paddle board/sailboard combos less than 30 feet, and personal watercraft, do not need COD permits (jet skis). For future purchases of a boat or ship, utilize this guidance as a reference point to ensure a successful transaction.

The United States Coast Guard is a massive organization. Its job is to guarantee that boats are safe and up to code and safeguard the safety of individuals who are on board. It follows from this that if you want to purchase a boat or ship, you must exercise caution when obtaining the necessary papers. This, on the other hand, might be a difficult subject to grasp. Make certain that you only engage with a business that has the technical skills to assist you in complying with USCG requirements. If you have any questions concerning USCG paperwork or the procedure you must go through, call the Maritime Documentation Center at (800)-535-8570 for additional information now.