US Coast Guard Documentation to Chart Your Own Course Your Way

Did you get US Coast Guard documentation for your vessel because you’re going to use it in a commercial endeavor? Are you “on the fence,” so to speak, about getting your vessel documented? There are any number of reasons to get your vessel documented. One of the most popular is because you’re going to use it in some commercial capacity. Should that be the case, you want to make sure that you get the right endorsement for your vessel. As with so much else related to vessel documentation, we can help. 

US Coast Guard Documentation Endorsements

When you’re filling out the form for initial documentation, you’ll eventually come to section J, entitled “Endorsements for Which Application is Made.” That’s where you’ll choose the right endorsement(s) for your vessel. Are you going to use your vessel to transport people or goods on the navigable water of the United States or the EEZ? Then, you’re going to want the “Coastwise” endorsement. Consequently, if, instead, on those same waters you’re going to engage in commercial fishing activities, then you’re going to want the “Fishery” endorsement. 

Registry and Recreational

“Coastwise” and “Fishery” are straightforward enough, but we’re often asked questions about the other endorsements. “Registry” may sound a bit odd, especially as the word “Registry” is so close to “registered.” However, in this context, it’s typically for vessels that are going to be used in foreign trade. “Recreational,” on the other hand, is what someone gets when they aren’t going to use their vessel in commercial activities. With a “Recreational” endorsement, you’ll be able to get financing on your vessel. After all, so many banks and lenders won’t offer to finance if you don’t register your vessel. 

Yes, You Can Change Your Endorsement

Some vessel owners feel a bit of pressure when they get to section J as if this is an irrevocable decision that you’re locked into for the rest of their lives. That’s not the case. If you want to change your endorsement at any time, you can. Perhaps you’ve discovered that fishing activities with your vessel would ultimately be more lucrative than transporting people. Or, alternatively, made there’s a foreign trade opportunity you just can’t pass up. You can use the “Change of Endorsement / Trade Indicator” form at our site. That way, you can always use your vessel how you want. 

US Coast Guard Documentation

The initial documentation is just one of the many forms that we can help vessel owners like you with at our site. Also, when we use the word “help,” we mean it. That doesn’t just mean that we make it easy to use all of the forms at our site (which we do) but our human staff is here to help, too. Our document processors can fix any errors with your forms, no matter how small. Should you have any questions, our paid staff will be more than happy to answer them. To reach them, call (800) 535-8570.