United States Coast Guard Documentation You Need This Summer

United States Coast Guard (USCG) Documentation is the common way of referring to the proper paperwork you need to comply with when navigating American waters. Given that the registration also works at a state level, it is typically regarded as a more “prestigious” kind of registration, as it will give you some advantages you would not possess at the federal level. Read on if you want to find out more about the matter.

Do I Have to Document my Vessel?

Vessel documentation dates back to the 11th Act of the First Congress. This document provides evidence of nationality for international purposes, allows commerce between the states, and permits vessels to certain restricted trades, like fisheries.

Vessels of five net tons or more used in navigable waters of the United States, or used in coastwise trade have to be documented unless the particular boat is excepted.

Advantages of United States Coast Guard Documentation

In case you are not yet sure whether to register your boat or not let us tell you some of the advantages of getting your the United States Coast Guard Documentation:

  • It works as evidence of ownership and certification of the origin of the boat. This will be helpful when entering and exiting foreign ports.
  • Identifying the vessel: each boat registered at the US Coast Guard is assigned an official number, which stays the same throughout the vessel’s life. The hull’s inner structure has to be marked with a number, placed there by the owner. It is also convenient to have a phone number issued for the lifetime of the ownership available on board the yacht for practical reasons.
  • Having your boat documented by the US Coast Guard will allow you to have your vessel financed when you need it. Most lenders often ask for this requirement before accepting the credit.

United States Coast Guard Documentation

The Maritime Documentation Center has you Covered

The official number for a documented vessel is the US Coast Guard documentation number. As we previously said, it will stay with the boat for the rest of its lifetime.

State registration and federal documents are permitted in certain jurisdictions. In others, a vessel cannot be registered at a state and federal level.

The Maritime Documentation Center can help you with this or any other paperwork you need to comply with. United States Coast Guard Documentation is not simple, so do not hesitate in reaching us to help you clear any of your doubts.