Tips for Staying in Compliance with the NVDC

Have you been through a series of life changes, and aren’t sure if you’re still in compliance with regards to your vessel documentation? Did you go through a major change, such as a move, and aren’t sure what the next step is? We designed our NVDC to make it easier to always be in compliance with the Coast Guard. Over the years, we’ve found that even conscientious vessel owners aren’t always sure about when they have to update their documentation or how to do so. At the Maritime Documentation Center, we can help you to take care of both. 

What to Do When You Move 

If you’ve moved since you filed your Certificate of Registration, then you need to update it. To that end, we offer “Change of Address’‘ forms at our site. These are exactly what they sound like: forms that make it simple to change the address on your certificate. Additionally, you have to do the same if you move your vessel’s hailing port, too. Even if you’ve stayed in the same “home,” if your vessel hasn’t, then you need to get that updated sooner as opposed to later. Of course, we offer “rush processing” so that you can get these forms in that much faster. 

If Your Certificate of Registration Gets Lost or Ruined 

Often, we’ve found vessel owners think that, if they lose their Certificate of Registration or it’s mutilated/ruined, that it’s “no big deal.” The truth is, unfortunately, you’re actually not in compliance unless you have the Certificate of Registration on your vessel. Simply having saved a picture of it on your phone, or having it in “the Cloud” isn’t enough. To that end, we make it easier than ever to get a replacement certificate. With that, you’ll always be in compliance, come what may. 

Is it Time to Renew your Documentation, or is it Past Time? 

Every year, you have to renew your registration. Check the last time you did so, and see if it’s been a year. Yes, you can do it earlier than that, but, then your new renewal date will be that month. So, you’ll actually be spending more money for less. The last thing you want, of course, is for your registration to expire. At our site, not only can you renew your documentation, but you can renew it for many years to come. 

Our NVDC is Always Ready to Help 

The above are just some of the most common situations that vessel owners might find themselves in. There are many, many others; plenty of which are extremely specific to a vessel owner’s situation. In those cases, it really helps to have someone talk you through your options. That’s what we can do here at Maritime Documentation Center. You can message us through our site, or you can call our experts. They’ll be happy to talk you through a particularly tough question on a form, or even be on the phone with you as you go through the entire thing. For more: (800) 535-8570 or fill out our contact form.