Timing is Everything: When to File the USCG Satisfaction and Release from Lien?

It is truly a rewarding experience when you own a boat. However, it comes with responsibilities, including financial ones. If you have used your vessel as collateral for a loan or have been involved in a maritime lien, keeping your boat documentation in order is crucial. One essential form you must complete is the USCG satisfaction and release from lien. When to file it? Let’s explore. 

What is the USCG Satisfaction and Release From Lien Form? 

But before we delve into the timing of filing this form, let’s clarify what is and why it is necessary to complete it. 

This form is used to release a vessel from a recorded lien. A lien can be placed on a vessel when there’s a debt or financial obligation associated with it, such as a loan or unpaid services. 

This form is essential because it ensures that the lien on your vessel is properly cleared. Thus, it gives you full ownership and control of your boat. 

When to File this Form? 

Timing is crucial when it comes to filing this form. Here are the key scenarios in which you should consider filing the form. 

Loan Repayment

If you have used your boat as collateral for a loan, you should file this form as soon as you have paid the loan in full. It ensures that the lien is released promptly, and you regain clear ownership. 

Service Payments

If you have received services for your vessel and there’s a lien placed due to unpaid bills, you should file this form once you have settled the outstanding payments. This clears the lien and protects your vessel from potential legal issues. 

Legal Resolutions

In some cases, maritime liens may arise from legal disputes. Once the dispute is legally resolved, it is essential to file the form to clear any lingering financial claims. 

Change of Ownership 

If you are purchasing a vessel with an existing lien, it is crucial to file this form upon the completion of the sale and the transfer of ownership. This means that you are not held responsible for any previous financial obligations. 

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USCG Satisfaction and Release

Where to Find the Form

You can find the USCG satisfaction and release form on the left side of this page. Take action today and use our form to file. Don’t let lingering lien hassles stand in the way of your maritime adventures.